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Men’s fat genitals are shortened by 1 cm per weight for each weight of 5 kg.

Chronic diseases are popular in modern society, and hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. have become the “hidden killer” of male sexual function. Experts remind that men should especially prevent obesity. Obesity is not only a high -risk factor for coronary heart disease and diabetes, but also a major obstacle to the life of men’s “sexual blessings”!

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The body is fat, the penis is “short”

At the recently held academic seminar on the Asian Oceania Sexual Academic Symposium, an Indian experts made a report of “the relationship between sexual function and obesity”. He pointed out that every time a man weighs 5 kg, its genitals will “shorten” 1 cm. The reason for “shortening” is that the external genitalia is buried by thick fat. There is a case, a man with a height of 1.7 meters, weighing 100 kilograms. He basically has no sexual life, because the penis has “shrunk” into the fat in the abdomen, and he sees a small glans.

The obese people’s abdomen and perineum fat are very thick, and the scrotum is buried, which will make the penis look short. This psychological shadow is often more likely to affect sexual life than the penis itself.

Chen Xiaosheng, who had been married for 3 years, suddenly soared to 95 kg at once. Because the penis appeared short, he became more and more inferior. What made him even more frustrated was that even his wife felt very difficult to live with him. The problem was initially in the position of sexual intercourse. Because his thighs and abdomen fat were too much, the penis was difficult to enter the vagina when sexual intercourse. Later, the sexual life of the couple became less and less.

Obviously, a series of problems caused by obesity can cause many fat people to be afraid of sexual life, because they are afraid that the other party refuses or is afraid of their partners to think that they are stupid. Because obese people have problems in their self -confidence, and their sexual life is not harmonious, the relationship between husband and wife is affected.

Experts point out that obese people do not have to inferiority because of this, and can reduce fat through multiple movements and other channels, so that the penis will return to normal state.

Increased weight, decreased sexual desire

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In our country, there are more and more obese people, and their sexual function is also affected. Liu Chunxiao said that because obesity is a risk factors of many chronic diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc.), these diseases can cause decreased sexual desire, premature ejaculation, ED (erectile dysfunction). There is a 30 -year -old patient who usually has no restraint in diet. He is 1.6 meters tall, but weighs nearly 90 kilograms. Recently, he finds that sexual desire is getting lower and lower, and there are signs of ED. Sometimes, because the hardness is not enough to have a half -way life. After inspection, he found that he had high blood sugar. Diabetes is a systemic disease, especially microvascular lesions will definitely affect the erectile function of men.

In addition, sexual desire is related to the amount ofrogens in the blood. The increased fat of obese men can turn therogens into estrogen more. Higher estrogen concentration can inhibit the secretion of pituitary gonad hormones, and then the testosterone secretion of testicular testosterone secretes reduce. The decreased androgen of obese men and the increase of estrogen, sexual function will be weakened to varying degrees, which is mainly manifested in the feelings of sexual desire, erectile, sexual life, and the feeling of orgasm.

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