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Men’s four dietary prescriptions for treatment of infertility

Under normal circumstances, the couple gets about 80%to 85%of her pregnancy in the first year, and about 10%to 15%of couples in the second year will be pregnant. The vast majority of infertility patients came to the doctor because of the infertility of many years of marriage. There were no other discomfort. It was only discovered that abnormalities were found during the medical examination and laboratory inspection of relevant parties.

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The following is some of the soups that relieve infertility, I hope to help some friends who are distressed by infertility.

Turtle meat soup:

1 tadpole, 15 grams of Tremella, salt and ginger. Clear the crickets to clean, cut into pieces; sanctuary of white fungus, stewed with cricket meat and ginger, and seasoned with salt after cooked. Eat meat and white fungus and drink soup, 1 dose daily, for 5 to 7 days in a row. Nourish yin and lower fire. Suitable for infertility caused by semen non -liquefaction.

Deer whip coach soup:

1 pair of deer whip, 15 grams each of Morinda and Epimedium. Cook the top 3 flavors until the deer whip is cooked and chopped. Eat deer whip and drink soup, take 1 dose daily, and take several days. Tonic kidney qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach. It is suitable for infertility caused by poor sperm activity.

Dogh Dog meat soup:

15 grams each of dog ridges, Jinyingzi, and wolfberry, 200 grams of lean dog meat. Wash and cut the dog meat, put it in the pot with dog ridges, Jinyingzi, and wolfberry, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer for 40 minutes. Meat, drink soup. Nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac. It can be supplemented with infertility, and it has good effects.

Sheep waist soup:

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1 pair of sheep waist, 12 grams of cistanche, 10 grams each of cooked land, wolfberry, and 8 grams of Morinda. Wash the sheep’s waist, cut into diced, and put it in the pot with Cistanche, wolfberry, and Morinda. Eat meat, drink soup. Once once a day. Aphrodisiac nourishing the kidneys. Can supplement infertility.

Yiqi Jianjing Soup:

Ginseng and water mushrooms are 15 grams each, 20 grams each of yam and astragalus, 5 sparrow heads, 1 hen, and the right amount of seasoning. Wash the chicken and sparrow head, and add it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water to cook, and when the seven mature, add astragalus, yam, shiitake mushrooms, green onions, ginger, salt, and cooking wine. Human scores boiling water and steamed in the cage for half an hour. Drink soup, eat meat, chew ginseng. Spleen and stomach, nourish kidney qi. Suitable for poor sperm activity of spleen and kidney qi deficiency.

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