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Men’s infertility check these 5 items

Breeding offspring is the basic attribute of human beings. However, with the continuous development of modern society, various risk factors that lead to infertility have followed, and environmental pollution, radiation, etc. are one of the causes of infertility. Of course, in addition to these external factors, there are also people’s own problems. Traditionally believes that infertility female factors account for a large part. In fact, infertility is also the cause of men. Now let’s take a look at the reasons why male infertility.

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Reason 1: Reproductive organs infection

After the male reproductive organs infected with pathogenic bacteria, the existence of inflammation will affect the normal secretion and decreased sperm function of the gland, and change the morphology of sperm, vitality and survival period, which will lose fertilization and lead to infertility. Most patients have symptoms such as acute orchiditis, epididymitis, prostatitis, urethritis, and abnormal structure of reproductive organs.

Reason two: iconic vein song

The expansion of the vine -like veins of the cable will be blocked by the blood flow of the testicles, the temperature rises, the metabolic disorders, and the harmful substances cannot be discharged in time, causing the testicular dysfunction, causing the decreased sperm, sperm deformity and vitality to cause infertility.

Reason three: Reproductive organs are abnormal

It can cause the penis into the vagina difficulty, and the semen cannot be ejected into the vagina normally, resulting in infertility. Common penile defects, small penis, large penis, and severe urethral cracking. In addition, the development of testicles can cause sperm -generating disorders and cause infertility.

Reason 4: Endocrine dysfunction

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Endocrine dysfunction includes hypothalamus, abnormal pituitary function, and hypothyroidism, etc., which can cause abnormal gonad hormone secretion, affect testicular function and cause infertility.

Reason 5: sexual dysfunction

Including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, decreased sexual desire, and ejaculation disorders are an important cause of infertility.

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