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Men’s infertility or because the testicles are “adopt”

In the men’s scrotum, there is a cable -like tissue composed of vasias, arteries, venous blood vessels, etc. on each side of the men.

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Due to the characteristics of the anatomical structure and the physiological development of men, the dexicized venous blood vessels are prone to blood stasis and expansion, forming an earthworm -like vein group.

When the iconic vein is tensor, the harmful substances produced by the testicular metabolism cannot be discharged in time, nor can it be sufficient for nutrients, which will damage the function of the testosterone secreting testosterone normally and reduce testosterone secretion. Testosterone is the motivation to maintain men’s sexual function and produce sperm. Once lack of, it will inevitably lead to men’s sexual dysfunction and infertility.

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At the time of the iconic vein, about 50%to 80%of patients are not normally checked, manifested as sperm, low activity, and abnormal shape. The causes of infertility caused by the iconic veins are: due to the stagnation of blood stagnation in the iconic vein in the iconic veins, the temperature in the scrotum can increase, the testicular temperature can increase by 1 ° C to 2 ° C, the temperature continues to increase for a long time, which can affect the testicular. Sperm produces sperm, leading to sperm -free and younger sperm; at the same time, the high -temperature environment of epididymia is not conducive to the maturity of sperm.

In addition, soft chairs such as sofas for a long time can also cause varicose veins, which will affect fertility. The original sitting posture of human beings uses the two nodules of the sciatica as the support point. At this time, the scrotum is easily hanging between the two thighs. In the sofa, the fillers and surface materials of the sofa will be surrounded to compress the scrotum. When the scrotum is oppressed, the vein is not smooth, the blood vessels near the testicles become thicker, and the stasis will cause the dexterous veins when the blood stasis is severe. Symptoms such as testicular falls and dull lower abdomen pain. At this time, due to blood stagnation, the pressure in the sperm vein increased, the lack of oxygen and nutrients, which affects the removal of metabolic products, which affects the occurrence and maturity of sperm.

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