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Men’s infertility remember to change 6 bad habits!

How do men prevent infertility? Wanting to bred a healthy baby is not just a woman’s business. The health of the husband also has a very important impact on the bred baby. The incidence of infertility in modern society is increasing. Therefore, male friends pay attention to preventing infertility. The following are the bad living habits that are prone to infertility. Remember to change it!

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Prevent infertility, remember to change these bad habits

1. Sexual disorder causes sex disease

The direct consequences of extramarital sex and one -night stand are that men suffer from gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, AIDS and other evil diseases. These will seriously damage the male reproductive function, reduce the survival rate of male sperm, and naturally affect men. Nourish.

2. Sexual life is too frequent

Sexual life will increase the relationship between husband and wife, but sexual life needs moderate life. If male life does not know how to control, it will make the reproductive organs excited, and it is easy to cause men to suffer from impotence and premature ejaculation, prostatitis and other diseases.

3. Smoking and drinking

Smoking can make the number of men’s sperm less sperm than normal men, which will make the number of male incomplete sperm higher than that of normal men; alcohol can reduce male sperm head and tail deformity and vitality. Infertility

4. Use your mobile phone frequently

The mobile phone signal emits the telecommunications signal through high -frequency electromagnetic waves. When the mobile phone generates microwaves exceeding the national standard standards, it may directly harm health and can reduce the number of sperm and decrease sperm vitality. These bad habits have a great impact on men’s bodies.

5. I often wear tights

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Scrotum and penis are tightly wrapped in double -layer fabrics at the same time, which will directly affect air circulation, causing the scrotum to lose the ability to adjust the self -telescopic and shrink, resulting in problems such as deformity, necrosis, and decreased activity in the scrotum. The “culprit” of fertility.

6. Steaming sauna, soaking in hot springs

It is not conducive to the growth of sperm in steaming sauna and soaking in hot springs, causing too many “dead sperm” to cause infertility.

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