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Men’s infertility urology examination is the key

Men’s infertility urinary examination is the top priority. After the marriage, both the couple are looking forward to a healthy child, but some couples fail to do so. To know the reason for the infertility, both men and women should go to the hospital for examination at the same time. Do not think that if you are not pregnant, it is a woman’s business. Geram -free does not have to be “humble”. He must be sick. Because the man checks the procedures for simple procedures, you can do it first. If the man checks normally, it is necessary for the woman to do a comprehensive inspection.

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Infertility men should do a physical examination, which generally checks the fingers of the height, weight, and two hands. Observe the second sexuality, such as beard, throat knot, armpit hair, pubic hair growth, and whether male breast development. The focus of inspection is the urology system. The size of the penis, whether there is a urethral cracking, the size of the testicles, the soft and hardness of the texture. Is there any thickening, tenderness and cysts in touch addivia. Check the vasters and sperm veins. If necessary, anal diagnosis is examined the size and texture of the prostate, and the prostate liquid laboratory is massaged.

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The most important and simple and easy to work in laboratory inspections are semen quality inspections. The results of semen examination are like a mirror, and many causes of infertility will be reflected. If the test results show that the number of sperm, activity rate, and morphological abnormal sperm is abnormal, indicating that the quality of the semen is abnormal, and the examination should be repeatedly checked 2 to 3 times. If it is still abnormal, it means that the testicular sperm function or the adhesion gland is wrong. For biochemical examinations of semen, if sugar, acidic phosphate, zinc, botoxine, etc., can reflect the functions of seminal vesicles, prostate, and epididymis. Methods to check sperm quality include sperm climbing tests, post -sexual intercourse tests, sperm penetration of transparent rodent egg tests, etc. Check whether the anticipated antibody in semen and blood, you need to do sperm condensation test, sperm braking test, etc.

Warm reminder: For patients with severe sperm or sperm -free, you need to perform endocrine hormone testing and drug stimulation tests, chromosomal examinations, and if necessary, you need to perform spermatogenesis and testicular biopsy.

(Editor in charge: Lin Liumei)

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