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Men’s one -time exceed 8 ml affect fertility

Semen is composed of sperm and sperm paste, and sperm is differentiated and developed by sperm cells in the testicular section. The mature sperm is reached by epididymia and the vasal tube. It is temporarily stored in the seminal vesicles. When ejaculation, there are a large amount of seminal vesicles, prostate liquid, urethral gonads, and sperm. It is always called semen.

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After a man excludes the sperm at a time, the semen must be supplemented by 1 to 2 days to return to normal. Therefore, if the sexual life or masturbation frequently, the amount of semen will be relatively reduced each time. Essence

Among them, a person with a sperm of more than 8 ml is called too much semen, which is also a pathological state, which is mostly caused by seminal vesicular inflammation and pituitary gonad hormone secretion. When the semen is adjacent to the organs, such as the prostate, the posterior urethra, the colon, etc., or the prostate and seminal vesicles are congested in some cases, the germs are prone to enter the deficiency and induce seminal vesiculitis.

Excessive semen is secreted or exuded by semen, and the total number of sperm has not changed, which naturally causes reduction of sperm density in semen, which reduces the chance of conception and leads to male infertility. In addition, excessive secretion of spermatozoa due to pathological factors such as inflammation will also interfere with sperm activity and functions.

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In addition, excessive semen can cause a large number of semen with sperm to lose from the vagina, which will also reduce the chance of conception and induce infertility.

Therefore, men’s exclusive exceeding 8 ml at a time can easily affect fertility. If there are such problems, they must go to a regular hospital for examination as soon as possible to avoid their harm to health.

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