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Men’s premature ejaculation is caused by these three aspects!Don’t do these bad habits

Premature ejaculation is one of the reasons that affect family happiness and the sexual life of husband and wife. If premature ejaculation occurs, it will not only feel troubled, but also the wife will feel troubled. Severe premature ejaculation will inevitably affect the relationship between husband and wife. Treatment of premature ejaculation, it can’t be dragged! Before treating premature ejaculation, let’s first understand what the man premature ejaculation was caused.

One of the reasons for men’s premature ejaculation: excessive masturbation

Excessive masturbation is a major cause of premature ejaculation, because masturbation can damage some tissues of the penis, which causes premature ejaculation. So remind men here that don’t “overly indulge” in ordinary life. In the final analysis, develop a good habit of health, but masturbation, through exercise, learning and other lifestyles are beneficial to the body and mind.

Reasons for premature ejaculation: stay up late

Many people are used to staying up late, and often start to sleep at two or three o’clock, but staying up late will destroy people’s physical functions, and they are not mentally insufficient. Excessive overdrafts are one of the reasons for premature ejaculation. If people do not rest and sleep enough, their bodies will not be able to recover enough energy, and people will be weak, and the possibility of premature ejaculation will naturally exist. Therefore, premature ejaculation should ensure the rest time, and don’t be keen to stay up late and refuse to go to bed.

Three reasons for men’s premature ejaculation: psychological factors

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Many people living in big cities now be relatively stressed, especially when people reach middle age, there are old and young, and sometimes they encounter uncomfortable things. The pessimistic and negative emotions always need to face, but if people are in such a bad emotion for a long time, the stones that “heavy pressure” in their hearts will be too large, and premature ejaculation will be caused by pressure. As an adult man, it should not be ashamed to properly carry out psychological guidance and should not be ashamed. Keep a pleasant mood and try to release as well.

The reasons for premature ejaculation are different, but after all, it is inseparable from daily habits. What should male friends do after knowing the cause of premature ejaculation? The answer is not complicated, abandon bad habits, pay attention to exercise, and improve physical fitness.

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