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Men’s premature ejaculation is harmful!Premature premature ejaculation trials these dietary recipes

Men’s premature ejaculation is harmful! Premature ejaculation is a problem of many male friends. Premature ejaculation will not only affect the harmony of the life of the husband and wife, but also have a great impact on the health of men. Do you know what harm is premature? How to adjust premature ejaculation?

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Harm of premature ejaculation

1. Style

Patients with premature ejaculation are common, dry and dry, small yellow red, turbidity, and itching of the vulva. It is easy to accompany mental state such as mental weakness, fatigue, fatigue, restlessness, and restlessness, and affect work and life.

2. Differences in physical fitness

The sponge muscle of premature ejaculation is faster than premature ejaculation, which may be related to the high testosterone content in the blood, which increases the excitement of the ejaculation center, and it is easy to excite and ejaculate early.

3. The hidden dangers of family rupture are in sexual life

Premature ejaculation makes it easy for the spouse to feel the sense of sexual pleasure. If the long -term sexual life is not satisfied, it will affect the harmony of the relationship between the husband and wife, and it is easy to become a hidden danger of family rupture.

4. Lost self -confidence

If premature ejaculation is not treated in a timely manner, men will feel that they are “no”, which will cause psychological obstacles and decline in self -confidence. In turn, it will aggravate the condition and form a vicious circle.

What to do with premature ejaculation? Try these dietary recipes

1. 30 grams of wolfberry, one pigeon meat (hair removal and internal organs), put the stew pot, add an appropriate amount of water, stew it in water, eat meat and soup; or 30 grams of wolfberry; Cooked, eat meat and soup.

2. Sea dog kidneys are smashed, brewed with glutinous rice and wine songs, drink twice a day, two tablespoons each time; Drink in the inside for a month, twice a day, two tablespoons each time.

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3. Three sparrows (hair removal and internal organs), 15 grams each with filament and cistanche, soak in 1 kg of rice wine or white wine for 15 days; or 3 to 5 sparrows (hair removal and viscera) are chopped and fried. Cook with rice, season with salt and onion, and eat on an empty stomach.

4, 15 grams of shrimp, 3 tofu, add green onion, ginger, and salt to cook cooked; or after adding wine and salt in the pot, soak the shrimp with water with water and eat it with 250 grams of cut leeks.

5. Cistanche is tender (scraped the scales, washed, removed with wine, removed ink, and cut slices) to eat potato and mutton; or cordon (sliced ​​after cooking) add rice, lamb porridge, and seasoned.

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