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Men’s prostatitis should fast these three foods

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Prostatitis Fast food 1. Wine, wine

Wine has the effect of expanding blood vessels. When wine enters the human body, it will accelerate blood circulation, and the prostate is certainly no exception. Under prostatitis, especially acute prostatitis, it should be absolutely banned to avoid spreading inflammation and causing other chain reactions. Long -term drinking prostatitis is not easy to cure, even if cure is very easy to recur.

Prostatitis Fast Food 2, Smoke

For those who smoke for a long time, the immunity of antibodies is reduced, and the prostate may be one of the victimized organs. Nicotinine, caramel, nitrosamine, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances in cigarettes can not only directly poison the prostate tissue, but also interfere with the nerve function of the blood vessels, affect the blood circulation of the prostate, and increase the congestion of the prostate.

Prostatitis Fast Food 3, Spicy Food

Such as pepper, green onions, raw garlic, pepper, etc. Treatment of prostatitis in traditional Chinese medicine is generally manifested as, frequent urination, urgency, urethral burning, young abdomen and perineal swelling, constipation, white urethra mouth, dry mouth, bitter mouth, red tongue, yellow greasy tongue, pulse pulse, pulse pulse String slide.

39 Health Network Warm Reminder: Men must develop a good living habit, drink plenty of water, urinate more, smoke, do not drink, sit down long, eat less spicy and irritating food, etc., to improve the awareness of prevention of prostatitis.

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Men’s prostatitis should fast these three foods
Men’s prostatitis should fast these three foods
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