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Men’s reproductive ability protection comprehensive view

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Sun Zixue, the attending physician and professor of Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the male reproductive system consists of two parts: internal and external genitals. The external genitalia includes scrotum and penis, and the internal genitals include testicles, epididymia, vascular tubes, ejaculation tubes, ejaculation, urethra, seminal vesicles, prostate, etc. The penis is a sexual organs with erectile function, which has both urination and excretion function. The scrotum has protecting testicles and sperm cables, regulating testicular temperature, and maintaining normal testicular sperm function; testicles mainly produce sperm and secrete androgen. Places where storage and treatment; vasters, ejaculation pipes, and urethra are mainly the passage of sperm.

The prostate is the main part of secreting semen, accounting for about 20%. In addition, it can secrete a “liquefaction factors”, which is essential to maintain the liquefaction state of the semen.

Men’s reproductive ability is mainly manifested: whether the development of reproductive organs is normal, whether sexual function is normal, and whether the quality of semen is normal.

Self -comparison

Sun Zixue said that common disorders of men’s reproductive organs are organ development. The main manifestation is no test, that is, the lack of congenital testicles, such as: cryptorchidism, commonly have unilateral cryptorchids and bilateral cryptoptethis, which can cause infertility; multi -test, a congenital hidden hereditary disease, early detection and correctness in time and correctness in time and correctness Diagnosis and treatment can have childbirth; congenital testicular developmental syndrome, no fertility; gender deformity, vasal tubular developmental deformity, common severe urethral cracks and lack of vasal pipes.

Common sexual dysfunction that affects reproductive capabilities, mainly with severe erection disorders, severe premature ejaculation, non -ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation.

Extraction of semen is divided into abnormal semi -slurry and sperm abnormalities. Including semen non -solidification and semen non -liquefaction.

Sperm quality is abnormally common with sperm -proof; young sperm disease, less than 2 million sperm in each ml semen, or less than 4 million sperm for each ejaculation; weak sperm disease. The front -directional motion sperm is less than 50%, or the fast -line motion sperm is less than 25%, or the sperm activity rate is less than 60%; dead sperm disease; deformity sperm disease, etc.

Sun Zi Xue said that men, especially those who suspect that the reproductive ability, should conduct a health checkup of reproductive systems, international quantitative table detection of erectile disorders, and sexual function tests and semen analysis.

Self -study

Dr. Chen Construction of Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that there are many factors affecting male reproductive functions, which can be divided into the following three categories.


Austeroin, perimen ammonia butterfly, collateral pyrumine, chemotherapy drugs, some hormones and antimodol drugs and drugs that can occur in sperm. In addition, there are also abuse of Katin, marijuana, heroin, etc.

Five possible damage

Bad living habits. Such as alcoholic smoking, overeating, barbecue and fast food food, often washing sauna and wearing tight jeans, often drinking cola and coffee; environmental pollution. Such as air pollution, food pollution, home improvement pollution, mobile phones, computers, TV and other electrical radiation; obesity. Obesity can lead to decline in the quality of male sperm and affect reproductive ability; urology system infection; bad life. Such as abstinence, indulgence and overtime masturbation.

Protection starts from childhood

Sun Zi Xue said that the importance of men’s reproductive functions is self -evident for men and family harmony. Many people now have a certain misunderstanding in protection.

He believes that protecting men’s reproductive function should start from childhood and start from themselves and outside.

In terms of male itself, after the baby boy is born, parents should check whether there are testicles in the scrotum in time; check whether the external genital development is normal; do a good job of child immunization, especially to inject mumps vaccine; parents should enhance their children’s consciousness of protecting testicles, and Avoid scrotal and testicular trauma; men should pay attention to self -examination of testicles. If you find testicular lumps, pain, etc., you should see a doctor in time.

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In terms of external factors, men must develop good habits. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, and eat as balanced as possible; do not wear tight underwear, do not take sauna, do not sit bath, have no oil dyeing hair, do not use computers for a long time; men should not use skin care products, especially female cosmetics.

Choose career carefully. For those who have a great impact on reproductive functions, such as lacquer workers, welders, leather manufacturing workers, chefs, refueling workers, etc., dare to say “no”. Tickets “, no” child “; understand sex, conduct civilized sex, clean and self -love, and prevent sex diseases. Develop good habits of frequent exercise and regular physical examination.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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