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Men’s secondary infertility?Don’t panic!Find the reason, find a way!

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Today, the implementation of the second -child policy is almost three years old, and many families plan to welcome the arrival of the second child. However, in some families, because the man was checked “secondary infertility”, he had a barrier on the road of the second child. Can’t I have children in secondary infertility? don’t worry! Find the cause, corresponding to treatment, the chance of men’s fertility is still very large.

Today, Professor Tian Long, deputy chief physician of the Department of Urology, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, explained the cause of secondary infertility and treatment methods for us.

What is the reason for secondary infertility?

Men’s secondary infertility refers to men who have had a history of fertility after marriage, but later that men who could not have children were about 10 % of the incidence of secondary infertility. So, why is a man “entangled” by secondary infertility? Professor Tian Long analyzed the following reasons:

1. Age factor: With the increase of men’s age, the level ofrogen levels, the number of sperm generation, and the vitality of sperm will show a downward trend to a certain extent, which will then affect fertility.

2. Environmental factors: Poor environmental factors, daily life contact, etc. are also the causes of men’s secondary infertility, such as estrogen in the working environment, or environmental endocrine interference, which will affect men’s fertility ability.

3. Reproductive disease factors: Oktopitis, seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis and other genital infection diseases are also important factor that causes secondary infertility. In addition, there is also a common disease sperm varicocele, which is also the culprit of men’s infertility. Although the symptoms of this disease are not serious, it is slowly moving slowly, which can keep men’s testicles shrink unknowingly, thereby making sperm sperm. The decrease in quantity and quality leads to infertility.

4. Medical side effects: After some diseases are used, they can cause changes in the reproductive system. For example, some patients with skin diseases will use ketonazole drugs. These drugs will interfere with the human endocrine system and easily cause sperm vitality abnormalities. For some patients with tumor disease, radiotherapy or chemotherapy needs to be performed. Reproductive glands also cause a decline in reproductive ability.

5. Sperm “conveying roads” blocked: Some male reproductive systems are very good, but if there is a problem in sexual life, it will cause sperm transmission disorders. For example, among middle -aged people, the prevalence of diabetes is higher, and diabetes can cause the lesions of the nerve blood vessels, and then induce diseases such as erectile dysfunction, non -ejaculation, reverse ejaculation and other diseases. Although these men are normal for sperm production, there are abnormal routes of sperm transportation and will also cause infertility.

What should I do if a man is infertility?

Professor Tian Long said that in response to secondary infertility caused by the above five types of factors, patients need to undergo various examinations and conduct corresponding treatment. The process is roughly: consultation → conventional examinations → reproductive examination → corresponding treatment.

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Professor Tian Long also gave us an example. He said that if the patient has a secondary infertility, the number of semen and vitality of the patient’s semen will be discovered through examination and physical examination ultrasound. Then the hospital will treat the cause of the primary. First of all, antioxidant treatment is performed for some peroxides produced by the lyric vein. If the drug antagonistic treatment does not have any effect, the method of surgical therapy is selected.

All in all, secondary infertility needs to find the cause carefully. Corresponding treatment for the cause is the most ideal and scientific treatment method. Of course, there are some situations that are unique and cannot be found. In response to this situation, doctors generally use some empirical medications for patients.

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