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Men’s self -examination can detect infertility early

The so -called “there are three filial piety, no posterity is big.” Since ancient times, men have been responsible for continuing incense. Now, the phenomenon of male infertility is becoming more and more common. How is male infertility forming?

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The causes of male infertility are mainly concentrated in the aspects of genetic, sexual hormone abnormalities, iconic veins, reproductive tract infections, umbrella tests, bad living habits and external pollution. If patients can detect the signal of infertility early, they will definitely promote the prevention and treatment of the disease. The following introduces simple fertility knowledge and self -testing method:

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The iconic vein is a common disease in young adults, and it is one of the main factors that lead to male infertility. 15%of patients with varicocele are infertile, and 39%of male infertility patients are caused by iconic veins.

If a male friend touches gently from top to bottom, and finds that there is a large earthworm -like soft and pedantic group in the scrotum, then pay attention to it. It will increase the temperature of the testicular, and the stasis of venous blood affects the testicular metabolism, which interferes with sperm and causes the quality of semen to decrease.

Self -examination testoscular health

If there is testicular swelling and pain, the testicles gradually shrink after alleviating, which may be a testicular twist or diainn inflammation. This is often accompanied by irreversible injuries of sophisticated cells. If the testicles fail to fall into the scrotum and stay in the abdominal cavity, it is called Intimeter. Excessive temperature in the abdominal cavity is not conducive to the generation of sperm, and the risk of testicular malignant changes has also greatly increased.

Self -check semen health state

The semen is a milky white liquid, which is composed of the secretions of testicles, epididymia, prostate and seminal vesicles, and mixed with some hyperoplaster glandular secretions. Observing semen can also partially reactive fertility. Normal semen is gray -white or slightly yellow. If pink and red appear, it is bloody semen.

The normal semen amount is 2-6 ml, and more than 7 ml is too much. Not only will the sperm density become lower, but it is also easy to flow out of the female vagina, resulting in a decrease in the total number of sperm. If the total amount of semen is less than 2 ml, it is a small amount of semen. It is too small to cause infertility. Generally, after the semen is ejected, it will become liquid for 15-30 minutes. If it is more than 30 minutes, the form cannot be changed. It is clinically called the semen without liquefaction and is also the infertility infertility.

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