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Men’s Urology Inspection Project

Men’s Urology Inspection Project

(1) Laboratory inspection

1. Urine examination

2. Cultivation and conventional examination of prostate fluid

3. Urethral secretion examination (gonococcus coating, mycoplasma, chlamydia)

4. Blood PSA examination (T/FPSA)

5. Routine semen examination

6. Sperm function examination

7. Biochemical examination of sperm pulp

8. Sperm immune examination

9. Men’s reproductive endocrine examination (blood testosterone T, follicle stimulus FSH, luteal formin LH, prolactin PRL, estrogen E2)

10. Penal bonus tissue examination (sperm -free)

11. Blood inhibitory B (Evaluation of projects to be carried out, evaluation of testicular sperm function)

(2) Sponge body vascular active substance injection

(3) Penis sponge body film creation

(4) Penis Night Erection Test Examination

(5) Men’s reproductive system X -ray examination

1. X -ray flat film

2. urethral angiography examination

(6) Male ultrasound examination

1. Ultrasonic examination of the prostate

2. Seminal gland disease

3. Scrotum content

(7) Measurement of urine flow rate

(8) Organic calculator body layer scanning

1. The prostate

2, seminal gland

3. Abnormal testicular development

<!-1958: Physical examination terminal page

4. Teste tumor

5. Testes sheath effusion

(Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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