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Method of sudden death for patients with coronary heart disease

Coronary atherosclerotic heart disease (referred to as coronary heart disease) is a disease that seriously endangers healthy middle -aged and elderly people. It can be clinically manifested as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, heart failure, arrhythmia, and sudden death. So far, the cause of coronary heart disease has not been fully clarified. It is known that hypertension, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, obesity and family history are the risk factors of atherosclerosis. However, many patients with coronary heart disease do not have these risk factors. If patients with coronary heart disease have sudden syncope, do not save personnel, accompanied by breathing stop, radial artery and cervical arteries disappear, or those who are convulsive or incontinence, how to scramble the heart and lung recovery?

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Step 1: Use the fist to rhythmically knock on the inside of the left nipple (heart part) on the left nipple on the chest, and beat 2-3 times in a row. When the fist is lifted, it is 20-30 cm from the chest to master the power of the knock. After the knock, the heart is stimulated, and sometimes it can return to the autonomous heartbeat. If the pulse is still not recovered, the next step is to rescue.

Step 2: Actively take artificial breathing. Before performing artificial breathing, the shortest time is used to quickly clean up foreign objects in the patient’s crosses, such as fake teeth, sputum, and secretions. The operator supports the pillow of the patient’s ears with one hand, pinching the double nostrils in the other hand, and wrapping the mouth of the sudden dead with a mouth, blowing the air about 800-1200 ml, and the artificial breathing of the counterpart 4 consecutive times. Do it once in 5 seconds; then press the heart of the chest.

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Step 3: Press the heart of the chest. The rescuer is located on the right side of the patient, and the palm of the hand is overlapped at the junction of the sternum of the sudden dead. The pressing rate is 80-100 times/min. Pay attention to the following points when operating: ① If your arms are stretched straight, your palms should be close to the sternum; ② Pressing the weight of the upper body or the shoulder and arm strength is vertically and uniformly pressed. ; ③ Positioning must be accurate, otherwise it is easy to cause rib fractures, cause pneumothorax, and even liver rupture.

Special attention: The chest and heart compression should be synchronized with artificial breathing. When one person performs the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it will perform artificial respiration (15: 2) twice for each heart compressor for 15 times, so that it will not stop repeatedly. During the process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the condition of the sudden death should be paid attention to. If the patient’s original enlarged pupils start to shrink, the face and lip skin and mucosa appear rosy, and the automatic breathing starts to show that the rescue is successful, and the heart compressor and artificial breathing can be temporarily stopped.

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