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Micro -energy shock waves will be used to cure ED

Recently, researchers of the First Hospital of Peking University in China used the low -energy shock wave treatment instrument (LESWT) to conduct clinical trial research on treating erectile dysfunction (ED).

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Economic dysfunction (ED) refers to the failure to continue and maintain sufficient erectile sexual sex. Its incidence accounts for about 50%of adult men. Neuropathological changes are caused.

Oral drug phosphate 5 type 5 inhibitors (PDE5I) such as Wan Aiko and Aleida are one -time treatment ED. They need to be taken before each sexual life. The clinical efficiency reaches 80%. Pathological changes, patients with severe cardiovascular disease, especially patients with nitrite drugs.

Israeli researchers developed a low -energy shock wave therapy (LESWT) for the treatment of ED. Clinical studies after listing in Europe found that clinical use of erectile dysfunction caused by cardiovascular diseases. Oral drug treatment.

my country’s first imported LESWT treatment instrument China Registered Clinical Test State Drug Administration was approved by Professor Xin Zhongcheng, a well -known expert at the First Hospital of Peking University, led the launch. Tongji Hospital affiliated to the Hospital and Huazhong University of Science and Technology launched a clinical trial research on LESWT treatment ED. Researchers observed through animal experiments that LESWT significantly improved diabetes and caused ED rats to erect, and fixed pathological changes in penile erection organ, including pathological changes such as penile sponge fibrosis, endothelial dysfunction, and neuropathy.

Professor Xin Zhongcheng pointed out that LESWT micro -energy therapy is non -damaged micro energy stimulation, repair local tissue pathological changes, and repair erectile function. For human organs without damage to the side effects, it is suitable for the treatment of patients with early diabetes and hypertension cardiovascular diseases with mild moderate ED. Researchers believe that the new therapy of the LESWT treatment instrument therapy will bring hope and gospel to the treatment of ED patients.

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