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“Migraine” is actually a vascular disease!How can I relieve it?

Migraphy is the most common neurospace disease. It is manifested as a medium -weight headache of recurrent attacks. It mostly occurs on the side head and is often fighting. Generally, it can last 4 to 72 hours.Symptoms of autonomous nerve dysfunction.

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At present, the number of patients with migraine in my country is as high as 151 million, with a prevalence of about 9.3%.Pattaus dysfunction is more ill in children’s period, adolescence and early adults, and the proportion of men and women is 1: 3.

1. Why does migraine cause migraine?

1. Genetic factors

About 60%of patients with migraine have genetic factors, and the prevalence of migraines of patients with direct family members is far more than 4 times that of ordinary people.

2. Sleep factors

People who often sleep laziness, get used to staying up late, and severe sleeping time are prone to migraine.

3. Eating factors

Alcohol, chocolate, drinks, cold foods, cheese -rich cheese, pickling foods, smoked food, kimchi, and foods containing additives, thick coffee, tea, citrus fruits, etc. can induce migraine.In addition, people with less meals or two meals are prone to migraine.

4. Environmental factors

Strong light, wind blowing, cold air stimulation, and noise environment are migraine induction factor.

5. Endocrine and metabolic factors

Studies have shown that nearly 70%of migraine occurs before and after the menstrual period, and the changes in body hormone levels are important factor that induce migraine.In addition, crowds that often take oral contraceptives, hormones for treatment, and menopause women are prone to migraine.

6. Smelling factors

Some special odors, such as gasoline, alcohol, paint and other irritating odors can induce migraine.

7. mental factors

When the work and life are under great pressure, and the emotions such as tension, anxiety, excitement, sorrow, and anger are often accompanied by migraine, in addition, the emotional changes can induce migraine.

8. Drug factors

Some drugs such as nitroglycerin, Renitidine, and Bloody are equal, and migraine adverse reactions may occur after taking it.

How to relieve migraine?

The acute period of migraine should eliminate the cause, relax and rest.Severe causes should be managed to adjust lifestyle to avoid migraine recurrence.

1. Acute pharmaceutical treatment

① non -prescription medicine:

Most of the mild migraine, such as ibuprofen, 萘puson, bislotoxinate, acetaminol, and aspirin and other non -steroidal anti -inflammatory analgesic drugs.(For patients with migraine, patients with gastrointestinal ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, or gastric perforation need to be cautious to use non -steroidal anti -inflammatory analgesic drugs.))

② Prescription medicine:

Mostly used for medium -weight migraine, such as Tantan drugs, including Schumattan, Zomettan and Lizantan.Clane drugs, such as bipotreal -horned cordine, bronamine caffeine.

2. Preventive drug treatment

Generally, the following situations should consider preventive treatment: the quality of life, work and academics are seriously damaged; the frequency frequency of more than 2 times a month;Patients with extreme discomfort, or migraine cerebral infarction, hemiplegia migraine, accompanied by brain stem stems of stems, etc.; for 2 consecutive months, use acute treatment of more than 6 to 8 times a month;It lasts more than 72 hours.

① non -prescription medicine: Aspirin may be effective

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Some studies have shown that containing riboflavin, coenzyme Q10, and magnesium salt compound preparations are effective in preventing migraine prevention, reducing migraine frequency.

② Prescription medicine: Fluentirazine

In the end, migraine headache cannot be cured, but it can be effectively controlled.The migraine partner should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, adjust the lifestyle, find and pay attention to avoid various headache induction factors, and strive to “get rid of” the migraine “tightening curse” as soon as possible.

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