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Milk powder disables imported milk sources and selects good milk powder. In fact, you should see these points

Market Supervision Administration: Infant milk powder will disable vague information such as “imported milk sources”

On June 26, the State Administration of Market Supervision today publicly solicited opinions from the “Measures for the Registration of Formula for Formula for Infant Formula Milk Powder Products (Draft for Opinions)”, and intends to further register the formula for infant milk powder to increase illegal punishment.

“Draft for Solicitation of Opinions” clearly states that when the source of raw materials is prohibited in the label, the use of “imported milk sources”, “derived from foreign pastures”, “ecological ranch”, “imported raw materials”, “original ecological milk source”, “non -polluting milk source” and other vague Information; also prohibit the use of the image of babies and women, “human emulsification”, “breast emulsification” or approximate term expression;

At the same time, the “Draft for Soliciting Opinions” requires the applicant to have a complete production process; it is clear that the 7 non -registered situations, including the applicant’s overdue failure to confirm on -site verification, refuse or not cooperate with on -site verification; the applicant refuses or does not cooperate with the sampling inspection, etc. Essence

For the illegal acts that occurred, the “Draft for Soliciting Opinions” increased the punishment, and it was clear that the applicant was included in the income of the list of serious illegal and trustworthy enterprises. Punishment measures for borrowing and transferring “infantile registration certificates.

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