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Milk tea high sugar high energy becomes “fat” to poison and is rich in trans fats and hurts the body

For MMs who love to drink milk tea, if you want to have a slim body, you can only lose weight if you put down milk tea in your hand.

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The sweeter the milk tea is “fat”, the more poisonous

Let’s start with the most attractive “advantages” of milk tea, that is “sweet”! If you really feel that a drink is “sweet” to your heart, then the sugar substances are definitely oversupply. Remember, in our daily diet, sugar is used to raise freshness, which means that you only feel good when you normal, but it will not be “sweet”. Once you feel sweet, it is enough to destroy blood sugar balance. It will not only promote fat storage, but also inhibit the release of key hormones for regulating the immune system, make the body prone to inflammation, and increase the risk of disease.

Sugar can easily lead to high heat mass production

Sugar actually exists widely in our ingredients, but it is also divided into good or bad. Wait. If it is good sugar, according to international standards, an adult consumes 32 grams (eight standard tea spoons) or OK a day, so why are some people prone to fat? Such as European and Americans. This has something to do with physical fitness, but the reason is that they are not good sugar with garbage food (of course). These bad sugar metabolism is slower and contains high calories that cause the human body to gain weight.

Real fat is really scary

We have all heard of this word. To put it plainly, he is “artificial fat”. Because compared with normal fat, he sells better, and he is good at it, and the price is low. Therefore, at the beginning of the invention, it became a substitute for natural fat for food that requires lipids. But later studies showed that it would affect metabolism, causing the body to accelerate oxidation aging, and became another direct factor in gaining weight. And milk tea is not an expensive drink. In order to control the cost, it is impossible to change it back. Therefore, drinks that do not indicate natural fat ingredients are definitely such bad artificial fats.

Affects three meals and causes overeating bombs

Drinking water and blocking rice, this is often said by the elderly, especially when the sweet water such as milk tea drinks the belly, it will affect appetite, cause full illness, and reduce the amount of normal meals, and you still like this. It is considered to control the amount of rice. But after a while, you will be hungry, and then you will be hungry with unhealthy food. Once this vicious circle is still hidden, you will not notice the problem of milk tea in the short term. So if you have the habit of drinking something before eating, change it to freshly squeezed juice. Watch the clerks squeezing fresh fruits and fruits into juice, and it will be added to you without adding anything. Loss.

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