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Minimal game that promotes baby’s limbs

Body games refer to games that are completely or rarely used by props, mainly through physical exercise, and usually the rules are relatively simple.

In the games of young children and children, body games account for a considerable proportion. Children and children’s limbs are related to physical fitness and development.

Body games are the source of the development of early self -awareness of children. Children’s potential and limits of learning their bodies in the game. More importantly, when children know their bodies, they also open the door of self -and world.

(1) hand exercise ability

1. Tear paper

It is still necessary at this stage. You can buy some wrinkles, all kinds of colors. After being torn into broken strips, let the mother stick them up. Mom hangs around her neck and says thank you baby for making such a beautiful necklace for your mother!

2. Pick up bean beans

The soybeans are placed on the table, letting the baby put it in a small bottle. This show should be optimistic because she may put her mouth. This game can also be used for classification. For example, soybeans and mung beans are mixed together.

3. Lucky little stars

Moms who are not assured of soybeans can let the baby tear up various wrinkles paper, knead into small balls, put them into transparent small bottles, and give them to father, grandmother and other beloved people. This is the lucky little star given to them by the baby.

4. Throw the ball 3 meters away

Training purpose: arm exercise ability/hand -eye coordination ability.

Training requirements: Throw a small ball or bean ball to 3 meters away.

Difficulty setting: The weight of the ball can be appropriately increased.

Help Give: (1) At the beginning, if the child does not receive the action of throwing the ball, you can teach it handle; Put a toy or snack next to the side as a reward.

5. Interactive shooting

Training purpose: arm exercise ability/hand -eye coordination ability to enhance the ability to interact with people.

Training requirements: Parents and children take turns shooting; parents picked up the ball and vote for their children.

Difficulty setting: Appropriately increase distance.

Help Give: Give children encouragement.

6. Small ball drilling hole

Purpose of the game: Exercise the control ability of the 3 to 4 -year -old children’s hands and the flexibility of the wrist.

Game content: (1) Use small benches, various books, and boards on the ground as a variety of small holes as obstacles. (2) Press the baby’s specified route and use a stick to make a small ball to let the ball go through the whole process.

Game guidance: In the game, children should be encouraged to “go” with patience and meticulous way. At the beginning of the game, adults can also take a small stick to give the child appropriate help.

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7. Wear water skewers

Purpose of the game: Exercise the movement of a 3 to 4 -year -old child with fingers and the flexibility of developing fingers.

Game content: (1) Peel and cut carrots, cucumbers, apples, pears, oranges, and bananas. (2) Find a few pairs of seductive hygienic chopsticks, cut a sharp end, make carrots, etc.

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