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Miss four years old, miss a lifetime

Most families have started to pay attention to their language training when they learn from eight or nine months and nine months. However, some parents wait for their children to grow to three or four years old, and they ignore this training.This is very wrong and very regrettable.

Medical experts have been observed for many years of observations and found that 4 years old is a key age for cultivating children’s language expression.

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Because the baby starts with 2 to 3 words from L, and at the age of 4, he can master about 900 to 1,000 words.At this time, if parents can seize their children’s language training, such as cultivating their children’s recitation ability, and repeatedly training their dialogue ability, they can improve their children’s language thinking ability rapidly.

The age of 4 is the golden age of a child. If you miss the four years old, you may miss your life.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)

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