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Mistake contraceptives are easier to grow acne

Acne has plagued many beautiful women. Facing annoying acne, there are many ways to treat, and taking drugs is one of the ways. However, you should pay attention to taking four types of drugs, and they may increase acne.

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Mistake contraceptives are easier to grow acne

Vitamin: Oral vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 may also cause acne.

Corticosteroid hormone: Generally known as hormones. Including glucocorticoids such as interests and bomonettisone, dexamethasone.其中以糖皮质类固醇激素引发的青春痘样皮疹最常见,有以下几个特点:一般在服药1~2个月后发生;皮疹的大小、形态都比较均匀,以丘疹为主;颜色呈红色或Skin tone and rash are obvious. In severe cases, pus can occur at the top of the pimples; in addition to the face, it can also occur to the trunk. In the past, the upper part of the chest and back was the most common.

Anti -tuberculosis drugs: such as phenytoin sodium, trimetone, benbabic, etc.

Contraceptive pills: such as contraceptive 0 and No. 1 containing nonone. The rash caused by these drugs is: for a period of time after stopping the medicine, it is often more severe than during the administration.

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