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Mo Jin’s three major misunderstandings for impotence treatment

1. Take aphrodisiac supplements

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Most men think that impotence is caused by kidney deficiency. Therefore, after impotence, some drugs or supplements will be used at will, but after taking a lot of them, the symptoms are not good. Bleeding and other side effects, in addition, some men may also affect the health of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis because of the aphrodisiac drugs.

2. Can’t be treated scientifically

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After all, the problem of impotence was embarrassed to speak. After the occurrence, most men were embarrassed to treat them. They often held hope that they might heal, delay treatment, or blindly believe in prescriptions and doctors. It is easy to delay the best treatment time and increase the difficulty of treatment. In addition, blind use of remedies may not be treated with symptoms, but instead cause adverse effects on the body and hinders subsequent regular treatment.

3. Do good care to cure impotence

The appearance of impotence cannot deny that it has a lot to do with lifestyle habits. Therefore, some men think that as long as they do good care in life and stay away from bad habits, they can completely cure impotence. However, the impact and psychological factors of organic diseases may cause impotence. For such patients, targeted treatment must be taken in order to ensure the efficacy. Come more harm.

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