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Moist the “dry” baby with fruits

The baby is a bit cough or constipation, is it good to take medicine or solve it through food therapy. Relevant experts remind that letting the baby eat some sour fruits in autumn can not only enhance liver function, but also resist the invasion of the lung qi.

Suggestions 1: Fresh pear moisturizing lung cough

Pears are the most common fruits in autumn, which have the effects of clearing heat and moisturizing phlegm. If it can be cooked with japonica rice, it has the effect of clearing heat and raising the stomach. In the dry autumn, eating more pears can help digestion, regulate annoyance, dry mouth, and prevent cough. However, pears are cold fruits. They have cold cold, cold cough, diarrhea, or cold babies themselves should be eaten as little as possible.

Food therapy method: You can use pear to cook porridge, especially for babies for more than 6 months. The method is to wash the pears, chop the skin, remove the nucleus, and add an appropriate amount of water. Cook it with a text fire for 30 minutes, remove the pear pieces, add the clean rice, and cook the porridge according to the conventional conventional. Pear can also not go nuclear, but to remove seeds. Because the nutrition and therapeutic effects of pear nucleus are also very strong.

Suggestion 2: Grapefruit healthy stomach eliminates food

Grapefruit not only has high nutritional value, but also has the effects of stomach stomach, intestines, benefits, and blood. Some children may not love grapefruit because of its bitterness. In fact, the slightly bitter fruits are not only nutritious, but also endless.

The taste of mango is generally loved by the baby. It also has the effects of nourishing the stomach, quenching thirst, and diuretic. Adjusting the baby’s diet with these two fruits in autumn can prevent food accumulation. But if you are a babies of allergies, eat less mango.

Food therapy method: You can use grapefruit and mango to be cooked into sago to expose to babies for more than 10 months. The method is: mango peel and remove the nucleus to make the flesh into mud with a mixer, and then remove the grapefruit into shreds. After Simi Lu cooked, add some fresh milk, add mango puree and grapefruit meat after warmth, stir well, and eat it.

Suggestion 3: Apple appetizers to stop diarrhea

Apple has the functions of moisturizing the lungs, moisturizing the lungs, removing annoyance, appetizing, stopping diarrhea, and laxative. It is easy for babies to be constipated in autumn, and it is good to eat more apples. And apples are neutral fruits, and babies of any constitution can be eaten. If you are too small, you can squeeze the apple juice to drink. Apple can also neutralize the acidic substances produced by meat, eggs, rice, and noodles, regulate the acid -base balance in the baby’s body so that the baby can be moisturized even in the dry autumn.

Food therapy method: You can use apples and sweet potatoes to make apple potato groups for babies who are more than 4 months. The method is: clean the sweet potatoes, peel, and chop them softly. After peeling the apple, it is chopped, boiled softly, stirred well with sweet potatoes, and then rubbed into small balls. The baby would be very happy to eat.

Suggestion 4: Orange prevention of colds

Orange is rich in vitamin C to prevent colds. It also has the effects of appetizing, digesting, and promoting growth and development. Generally speaking, dry babies are not suitable for eating oranges.

For children, pay attention to eating an appropriate amount. Eating 1 to 3 a day can meet the amount of vitamin C a day. In addition, oranges should not be eaten before or on an empty stomach, nor should they eat with milk and radish.

Food therapy method: Use orange to mix tofu for more than 10 months of babies. The method is to cook the tofu in the water for a while, remove it, drain the water, and press it into mud. Peel the orange peel, go to the nuclear, study, and add it to the tofu and stir well to let the baby eat.

Suggestion 5: Caramia drives up sore throat

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The efficacy of altar has been recorded as early as the ancient medical books: “Require thirst, relieve heat, remove heat, urinate, remove children’s mouth rot.” help. If it is a little baby, you can directly make the caramel for the fruit and juice for him, and the effect will be better.

Food therapy method: Matching cannibal and yogurt into a manga yogurt salad for babies over 1 year old, they will prefer. The method is: After washing the skin of the caramel, cut off the stalk of the catchibal with a knife, then cut it into a 1 cm small diced, and pour the yogurt directly on the caramel.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)


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