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Moms’ confusion: Will women’s malnutrition affect pregnancy?

Some girls like to lose weight and keep their bodies in a state. One of the ways to lose weight is to control diet, but if it is not controlled, it will cause malnutrition. So if malnutrition will affect pregnancy? The answer is yes. Both malnutrition have a great impact on the chance of pregnancy or health during pregnancy.

Effect on the chance of pregnancy

Nutrition girls will be less likely to get pregnant than healthy girls. This is because if the appetite is reduced, malnutrition may cause women’s reproductive health to be damaged, and some dietary problems may affect human endocrine function, leading to Women’s endocrine is not coordinated, these all have a certain impact on women’s fertility. While losing weight, you must also control your diet to ensure that the body can consume sufficient energy, so as to increase the chance of pregnancy, so as not to cause malnutrition to cause pregnancy and regret it lifetime.

It will also affect babies

Nutrition will reduce the chance of pregnancy, but even if you are pregnant, then it is not necessarily a good thing, because your own malnutrition, the energy you consume every day can not maintain your own operational needs, let alone provide it to the belly in the stomach Baby, at this time the easiest to cause fetal malformations. This is not alarmist. Many deformed fetuses are not formed by genetic or naturally. Essence

The problems brought by malnutrition are still quite large, especially if you want children or mothers who are in pregnancy, it is worthy of attention. You cannot keep yourself in a state of malnutrition for a long time. You must consume as much as possible. Material, so that it is beneficial to the baby.

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