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Monorawell Capsule has been approved for emergency attachment in my country to treat new crown patients

Meridodon announced that it has been approved by the National Drug Administration (NMPA) for the anti -new coronary virus oral oral oral drug Monoravil Capsule (product name: Lizarui/LageVrio)Patients with a moderate-to-moderate new coronary virus infection (COVID-19) patients with progressive progress are severe and high-risk factors, such as old age, obesity or overweight, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, severe cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive lungPatients with severe high -risk factors such as diseases and activity cancer.

“The current popular new crown virus Omikon has a strong immune escape ability, and the risk of severe cause and death after infection is low.After Rongqi developed into an important risk factor for severe and death, using effective antiviral treatment drugs as soon as possible will help to remove and improve symptoms earlier, quickly clear the virus, reduce the risk of hospitalization or death.It is a person with damaged liver or kidney function. You also need to pay attention to the interaction between various drugs, and use the medicine reasonably according to the doctor’s order to be the first guardian of his health. “The professor said, “I look forward to the new crown anti -virus oral drug Monorawell can bring more treatment options to Chinese clinicians and new crown patients.”

“The scientists of Merhadon have spared no effort to find effective tools to fight against the new crown since the beginning of the new crown epidemic.Dr. Li Zhengqing, the global senior vice president, said, “As a oral small molecule anti -new crown drug, Monillaville has a broad -spectrum antiviral activity and widely used population, especially for the elderly and basic diseases.After medication, the characteristics of the virus in the body can be quickly removed. We believe that in the future, this drug will become another important tool for China’s anti -new crown virus to help curb the damage caused by this disease to patients, medical institutions and public health systems. “

Tian Anna, the president of Merhadon China and the senior vice president of Merckon Global Global, said: “The new crown is popular is a major challenge to threaten the global public health.Sexuality, spare no effort to implement corporate social responsibility. As Monorawell is approved in China, we will closely collaborate with the partner Chinese Medicine Group, integrate the director of both parties, accelerate the listing and supply of drugs, and benefit Chinese patients in need as soon as possible to benefit from the need for Chinese patients in need.Essence

Meridodon will also continue to uphold the belief of life -saving and improve life, work hard to eliminate the risk of major infectious diseases, work with all parties in the Chinese medical ecosystem, and make unremitting efforts to help achieve the ‘healthy China’.”

Monorawell is the world’s first approved oral anti -new coronal virus drug. It has obtained listing licenses or emergency use authorizations in more than 40 countries or regions, including the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and ChinaTaiwan, Taiwan, etc.As of December 2022, Murdo has supplied Monoravavir, who has exceeded 9 million courses worldwide, and treats about 2.7 million new coronal virus infection patients.In September 2022, Merck and Sinopharm Group signed a cooperation framework agreement to award Monorawell’s distribution and exclusive import rights in China to Sinopharm Group.In November 2022, Merck and the National Medicine Holdings Distribution Center had a limited company signed a distribution agreement on Monorawell’s imports and distribution in China.

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