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More and more children have leukemia. Parents pay attention to: children have 4 abnormalities, they need to investigate as soon as possible

Mr. Li and his wife have been married for more than ten years. The two have one child and one daughter. The children are not in all the work. Both of them also have the work in the preparation. There are houses and cars. It can be said that many people are envious.

But a year ago, only 8 -year -old daughter was found to be leukemia. The doctor learned that the family had moved a new house in the past two years and suspected that it was related to the pollution of family decoration.Despite active treatment, the young daughter left the world.

There are more and more children with leukemia. Why is this?

1. More and more children suffer from leukemia. Why?

Recently, a study was published in the “Liuye Knife”, which was completed by Professor Ni Xin, a team of Professor Ni Xin, Affiliated to the Capital Medical University, revealing the cancer of children from January 2018 to December 2020.

The data comes from the National Children’s Cancer Monitoring Center, the national hospital quality monitoring system and public database, covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in mainland my country.

Data show that from 2018 to the end of 2020, the incidence of cancer age of cancer and adolescents in Chinese children and adolescents is 126.48/million. Among them, the overall incidence of leukemia is 39.34/million.%, The situation is severe.

Leukemia is a series of diseases caused by the hyperplasia of a system of hematopoietic tissue, including acute lymphocytic leukemia, acute marrow cell leukemia, and other chronic leukemia.

There are many reasons for the high incidence of leukemia in children, including genetic mutations, environmental factors, virus infections, and immune function defects.

70%of children will have genetic mutations such as chromosomal abnormalities and 21 trisomy syndrome; and environmental pollution such as ionizing radiation and excessive indoor pollution in decoration will increase the risk of leukemia.

In addition, patients with congenital immune defects are also very likely to be stared at by leukemia.

Therefore, those with abnormalities of autoimmune function, frequent contact with radiation, and patients with a family history of leukemia are high -risk groups of leukemia. They must do regular medical examinations and stay away from these high -risk factors.

2. The child has 4 differences, and parents should increase their vigilance

The number of children suffering from leukemia is increasing. Parents must be more vigilant. Once the child has the following strange symptoms, it must be checked as soon as possible.

1. Repeated fever for unknown reasons

There are symptoms of recurrent fever, and the effect of anti -infection treatment is not ideal. We must be alert to early warning signals from early leukemia.

2. Bleeding

Patients with leukemia are prone to bleeding symptoms due to the decrease in platelets in the blood. Like an unknown blood dot dots on the skin, or suddenly nosebleeds and gum bleeding, they must be vigilant.

3. Anemia

With the continuous proliferation of leukemia cells, the normal hematopoietic function will be affected, resulting in the symptoms of anemia in children, manifested as no spirit, fatigue, and pale face.

4. Lymph node enlargement

If the neck, groin, or underarms are found, a ball -shaped, no obvious pain appears, and you must also be alert to the coming of leukemia.

Third, do children still save leukemia?

High incidence of leukemia, is the child still rescued by leukemia?Of course, there is a rescue, but it is better to do a good job in advance than waiting for the illness.

Children’s leukemia is a common malignant tumor for children, but leukemia is not terminally ill.After chemotherapy, 70%-80%of children’s leukemia can be cured. After hematopoietic stem cell therapy, 80%of leukemia patients can be cured.

Therefore, leukemia is hoped to cure, but the focus is on the prevention of leukemia.

1. Stay away from environmental pollution

Try to stay away from the working environment with many pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde, and do protection work if necessary.

2. Maintain good living habits

Usually try to eat balanced nutrition, eat more fresh fruits and fruits, and quit smoking and alcohol to ensure sufficient sleep. In addition, it is necessary to exercise appropriately to enhance personal immunity.

3. Regular physical examination

For the high -risk groups of leukemia, it is important to do regular medical examinations. This can be found in time and take treatment measures as soon as possible.

Leukemia is high among children. Parents must understand the causes and symptoms of leukemia, help children to prevent children in life. Once the symptoms of leukemia occur, they must be checked as soon as possible and actively take treatment measures in order to better cure diseases.

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