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More and more children suffer from leukemia. Two reasons are the culprit. Parents should pay attention to

“When I learned that my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, I was so painful that I couldn’t breathe.”

Xiao Liu’s father was an authentic farmer who built a small building for him for a lifetime. After working, Xiao Liu saved his money to renovate the inside and outside of the building, and then married his daughter -in -law.

After the renovation for 3 months, the couple stayed in the new house with satisfaction. It was not long before his wife became pregnant, which made the little couple happy. Soon the family ushered in a new life, and the family was happy.


Unexpectedly, when her daughter was 3 years old, she suddenly had a sudden fever, and after taking antipyretics, she still repeatedly occurred. After being sent to the hospital for examination, I found that the white blood cell index in her daughter was abnormally increased. After further examination, she was diagnosed with leukemia. The result of this diagnosis made Xiao Liu feel that the sky collapsed.

With the reminder of a friend, Xiao Liu thought that he had stayed in before the house was renovated, and went back to find someone to measure the formaldehyde value in the house. As a result, he found that the formaldehyde was 2 times higher than the national standard value!

This is the numerical value after many years. The previous value must be more than that. Xiao Liu speculated that most of the daughter’s illness was this formaldehyde. However, tragedy has been caused, and regret is not helpful …


First, more and more children suffer from leukemia? Don’t underestimate 2 reasons

According to the data in the “National Children’s Tumor Monitoring Annual Report 2020” shows that the largest number of patients in children in children in my country is leukemia, accounting for 57.21%, and the number of new children’s leukemia each year is about 20,000.

In order to explore the reasons why children suffer from acute lymphocytic leukemia, Professor Fang supported by the Department of Hematology and Oncology, Nanjing Children’s Hospital, has conducted a study. The team selected 570 children with leukemia and 1,000 normal children for comparison. For families in the decoration house, the risk of children with leukemia has increased by 4.76 times. Parents smoke and drink during pregnancy. The risk of illness after birth will increase.

Ni Xin, Dean of the Beijing Children’s Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University of the National Children’s Medical Center, said that children suffer from leukemia and genetic and environmental factors.

1. Genetic related factors

Although leukemia is not a hereditary disease. However, scientists have found that some leukemia is related to genetic factors, such as family leukemia, and family leukemia in all leukemia patients account for about 7%. A certain genetic mutations in these patients often have a genetic mutation, which can easily induce leukemia.

2. External environmental impact

① Virus infection: T lymphocyte leukemia virus, EB virus, etc., may cause the body’s immune dysfunction after the infection, which can easily lead to leukemia in children.

② Radiation factors: Long -term exposure to ionic radiation such as X -rays and Y rays, and it will also have a certain pathogenic effect.

③ Chemical factors: Chemicals that may cause leukemia include benzene and alkylated agents. Some parents need to be exposed to chemicals, pesticides, gasoline, kerosene, etc. due to work and other factors, so their children’s risk of leukemia will also be higher than ordinary people.

Second, children have these 5 symptoms, parents must not care

When children suffer from leukemia, a series of abnormalities will appear on their bodies. Parents must pay attention to observation and seek medical treatment in time after discovering abnormalities.

Anemia: In general, patients with early leukemia will have obvious anemia performance because the number of red blood cells in the body is reduced. Children with dizziness, pale complexion, and tiredness appear.

Heating: fever is the most typical symptom of acute leukemia. It manifests repeated and irregular fever. The body temperature may rise to above 40 ° C. Taking antipyretics and anti -infection treatment will not improve.

Joint pain: leukemia cells will be proliferated in large quantities in the bone marrow, which will then cause obvious joint pain in children, and the pain of the disease will become more and more intense with the development of the disease.

Difficult to stop bleeding: leukemia can lead to a large increase in leukocytes in children, decreased platelets, the body’s coagulation function will greatly decrease, and it is easy to cause nosebleeds and bleeding after trauma in life.

Liver, spleen, and lymph nodes: leukemia is actually hematological disease. After the illness, the liver, spleen, lymph nodes and other organs of children will also be affected to varying degrees, which can easily induce abnormal enlarged manifestations.


Third, let the child stay away from leukemia, parents should do these 4 points well

I believe no one wants to make their children suffer from leukemia, but many times some unintentional losses will push their children to the “embrace” of leukemia. Parents of these four things must do well.

1. Select environmental materials for decoration

You must not be saved when decorating the material! To choose the materials that meet national standards, try to choose as much as possible within the scope of ability permit. The board is recommended to select E1 and E0 levels.

2. Stay in the new house for a year and try not to get pregnant as much as possible

After the new house is renovated, it is recommended to move in at least half a year. Before checking in, it is best to ask a professional institution to test whether the formaldehyde content in the house exceeds the standard. After meeting the standards, it is also recommended to consider pregnancy after 1 year. Women who are in pregnancy are relatively sensitive to some residual formaldehyde in the house, which can easily bring some adverse effects on fetal development. 3. Quit smoking and drinking during pregnancy

Tobacco and alcohol will have a great impact on the development of the fetus. You must start restrictions when preparing for pregnancy, and you should pay attention to it during pregnancy.

4. Stay away from radiation

Women during pregnancy should pay attention to avoid some radiation places, avoid affecting the development of the fetus due to radiation irradiation, and increase the risk of leukemia in the future.

Fourth, no need to talk about “blood cancer” color changes, leukemia is no longer a disease

With the development of medical technology, the cure rate of leukemia is getting higher and higher. Many children have been cured clinical after treatment, and subsequent development is not affected.

Professor Li Fei, director of the Hematology Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Nanchang University First Affiliated Hospital, said that the treatment of leukemia at present is mainly chemotherapy. It can kill the patient’s body in the patient through chemotherapy drugs in a short time. In status, acute lymphocytic leukemia can reach 80%through chemotherapy.

In addition to chemotherapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, targeted drug therapy, cellular immunotherapy, etc. are also commonly used treatment plans.

CAR-T therapy is an emerging treatment plan in recent years. It is mainly to separate the T cells in the patient’s body, conduct external extension and cultivation, and then return it to the patient’s body after qualifying. The leukemia cells are killed to achieve the purpose of cure.

CAR-T therapy has achieved good results in B lymphocytic leukemia and multiple myeloma, but it is not effective for all leukemia. Whether there is a new breakthrough still need to continue in-depth research. I hope that in the future, CAR-T therapy can bring a hope of healing to more patients with leukemia.


Children’s leukemia is a devil -like existence for children. Parents must pay more attention to this to avoid making children sick because of their own negligence. When children have abnormal symptoms, they must seek medical treatment in time to protect their children’s healthy growth.

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