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More and more elderly people choose “new pension”, no need to go to the nursing home, no need to drag their children

“It’s the old man who doesn’t let me say, her death has nothing to do with me!” Mr. Li brought the nanny to court.

Mr. Li’s father died very early, and his mother always lived with him after his father’s death.

Because Mr. Li was very busy, his mother has been taking care of his wife for many years. One year ago, his wife and Mr. Li divorced because of the breakdown. The elderly mother was taken care of because of this, and Mr. Li had to invite the nanny to help take care of her mother.

About 1 month ago, Aunt Liu came to Mr. Li’s house. Everything is good at first, but the accident still happens.

When the old man went to bed at a time, he accidentally slipped out of bed. At that time, the nanny was also fell to the ground. The nanny wanted to tell Mr. Li about this, but the old man was afraid of his son’s worry and stopped her many times, only to say that he was okay.

Unexpectedly, the old man’s wrist appeared abnormally the next day. The nanny was panicked and quickly informed Mr. Li.

Later, the old man was taken to the hospital for examination. After inspection, he found that the old man had trauma and fractures of the mortar bone, and then died of concurrent lung infection.

The death of the old man made it difficult for Mr. Li to accept it. She felt that the negligence of the nanny caused her mother to die. But Aunt Liu also felt that she was wronged, and it was obviously that the old man would not let himself say …

The definition of the WHO believes that the proportion of a country ≥65 years old accounts for 7%of the total population, which means that the country has entered an aging society.

According to this standard, my country has entered an aging society in 1999. And the number of elderly people is still rising. As of the end of 2021, the number of elderly people over 65 years old in my country reached 200 million, accounting for 14.2%of the total population.

Facing the aging society, the elderly unmanned care is the trouble of many families. Should the elderly go to the nursing home in response to this situation?

1. If you go to the nursing home for the elderly, will it be a good choice?

When it comes to nursing homes, some older generations think that no one is taking care of and children who are not filial will go, but this concept is gradually changing.

At this stage, many elderly people go to the nursing home for a very correct choice for themselves, because the legs and feet will inevitably be unhappy when they are older, and a person at home at home is not relieved. After getting old, the body is not as good as before, often a little problem, and often do not know what medicine at home.

In a professional nursing home, all aging equipment equipped with the elderly, and a professional medical personnel will take care of the elderly’s body.

In addition to medical help, professional personnel are also responsible for the elderly’s daily life, diet, etc.

The elderly in the nursing home can also make friends who are similar to age to cultivate various hobbies such as painting, chess and cards, and piano to avoid making the elderly feel lonely. In addition, there are strict habits in nursing homes, which can help the elderly to recommend the rules and rest, which is greatly helpful for health.

In simple terms, the elderly only need to pay attention to the comfort of themselves in the nursing home. There are special persons to help care in life and diet. They do not need to be affected by the household firm. They can better cultivate their hobbies and enrich their elderly lives.

If the economic conditions are allowed and the elderly themselves are willing, then the nursing home is also a good choice.


2. Which of the new way of pension does not go to the nursing home, which one do you like?

However, there are also some people who are not impressed by the nursing homes in life. In response to these people, they can choose some old -age ways that do not go to the nursing home, and follow Xiao Miao to see them one by one.

1. Holding a group pension

Holding the group for the elderly is the spontaneous care mode of the empty nest, and the old people can choose a group to choose the group through their own wishes. While maintaining the comfort of home care for the elderly, it can also alleviate the loneliness and loneliness of the elderly, which can largely fill the gaps that their children are not around.

2. Hotel care

The hotel’s pension, as the name suggests, is the elderly to live in the hotel for the elderly life. Compared with the nursing home hotel pension club, the elderly can enter and leave the hotel to go out and hang out. The family can also visit the hotel at any time. Let’s stay in the hotel, don’t worry about eating and hygiene issues.

3. Help each other

The elderly can be a young man — the elderly or the elderly -the elderly (the elderly for the elderly to the elderly or the elderly to the elderly), and the establishment of a mutual aid community can help the elderly for the elderly to help elderly people to help elderly people. To solve the problem of pension in a mutual assistance.

4. Living for the elderly

Living for the elderly refers to the choice of different livable cities according to different seasons, while traveling while health, it is very helpful for the physical and mental health of the elderly. However, this model requires financial support.


Third, to live a comfortable and worry -free old age, how much does it cost to prepare? 10 million?

For the problem of pension, many elderly people are most worried about the cost of expenses. How much does it cost to want comfortable pensions?

A study published in the “Talent” magazine pointed out that if residents in the first -tier cities retire in 2027, it may not be enough to prepare 10 million pensions. The survey of Fidge International Joint Ant Wealth shows that the younger generation under the age of 35 wants to live a comfortable pension life, which requires at least 1.63 million savings. Do you think there are so much about this amount?

In fact, in the estimated cost of this pension, medical care may be the biggest expenditure.

In order to make myself not spend so much medical expenses in my age, I have to make changes since I was young!

Want to be healthy and longevity, Anudu in old age, remember 5 “Don’t”

1. Don’t smoke and drink

Smoking and drinking are great behaviors to threaten health. The risk of long -term smoking and alcoholic people suffer from lung disease, stomach disease, and liver disease will greatly increase, and it will evolve into cancer in the later stage. For health, you should quit smoking and alcohol as soon as possible.

2. Don’t work too much

Long -term excessive fatigue can easily cause environmental disorders and immunity, and then increase the risk of multiple diseases. Some people will even induce sudden death because of excessive exhaustion. They must pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and they must rest in time when they feel tired.

3. Don’t refuse the physical examination

Many people think that they are young and have no problems with their bodies, so they are very resistant to physical examinations. This approach is wrong. The medical examination can help find some lesions of the body in time. Even if the disease can be treated early, early treatment can be performed, which can prevent further development of the disease.

4. Don’t be too anxious

Under the adverse emotions such as nervousness, anxiety, and depression, the environment in the body will become disordered, the resistance will easily decrease, and many diseases will take advantage of it.

5. Don’t treat health products as a drug

Health products are actually one of them belonging to the food category. It is mainly aimed at some people who lack specific nutritional elements in the body, which can help regulate physical functions.

But for most ordinary people, there is no need to supplement health products at all, and blind intake of health products can easily bring unnecessary burden on health. Not to mention that it is unscientific to rely on health products to cure diseases!

The problem of pension is what the whole society needs to attract attention. At this stage, more and more pension methods enter people’s attention. Everyone can choose according to their actual situation. Each way is beneficial and disadvantaged. Which one do you like? If you are old, you will choose home care, or go to the nursing home?

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