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More than 30 million children in China exceed the standard!How to avoid the “hidden” lead in life?

The United Nations Children’s Foundation (UNICEF) recently announced a new report from the Institute of Health and Evaluation. This report shows that about 800 million children in the world and young people under the age of 19 The number of children with blood lead levels in China is 312,7708 children with 5ug/dl. Undoubtedly, this is an amazing number of numbers.

Long -term lead exposure will cause health, and about 900,000 people worldwide died of lead exposure, which contains a health loss of 21.7 million years.

Hearing lead, many people think of pencils, so why does this material enter the human body? What are the fatal hazards?

1. Where is the “poison” of lead?

Lead is a kind of powerful mental toxin. It has long -term existence in the human body and will deposit in the bones. Lead will imitate the role of calcium ions during the nerve conduction process, and will cause damage to other organs, including kidney, heart, and lung dirty dirt Instrument.

High -dose contact lead will cause death, and low -dose lead exposure will cause a series of abnormal symptoms of the body. More common pain, vomiting, and delay in development will have a great impact on normal life.

2. For children, what does lead in the body mean?

For a long time in the living environment with severe air pollution, or a new house that has just been renovated, as well as leading toys that contacted inferiority, and using tin instruments to put food, it is the cause of lead poisoning for children. For children, the blood lead content exceeds the following hazards:

1. Damage to the organ

Lead will affect the normal function of the organs, which will cause the nerves, hematopoietic, development, and immunity in the body. The main impact will exist in the nervous system, which will cause children to be irritable, decreased appetite, and slow response. It can even cause poisoning encephalopathy.

2. Motorosis

Leading oversight will also cause children’s cognition and behavior to be affected, and many children will suffer from dynamic disease because of this. The most terrible thing is that these damage is irreversible, that is, even if the treatment is followed, the blood lead level is returned to normal, and the child’s IQ cannot be returned to normal level.

3. Affects bone development

Studies have found that the blood lead level of children under the age of 7 is inversely proportional to height and bust. Every height of children’s height will decrease by 1.3cm every 100 mg/L.

3. How do children prevent lead poisoning?

(1) To cultivate good hygiene habits of children, pay special attention to wash hands and cut nails before meals. Do not allow infants and young children to suck fingers to prevent food from eating.

(2) Avoid using tin orientation and internal lead -containing porcelain -containing food. When purchasing bags for food, you should avoid direct contact with the characters, paintings, etc. on the plastic bag, especially with acidic food.

(3) Pay attention to cleaning before daily consumption of fruits and vegetables to prevent the lead ingredients contained in residual pesticides.

(4) Children should cultivate good eating habits, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less foods with high lead.

Lead poisoning is a very common phenomenon in our lives, especially in children. Because children’s metabolism and excretion functions are not as perfect as adults, they are more likely to be affected by lead poisoning. Under the same concentration of lead, the amount of lead in children absorbing and intake is 4 to 5 times that of adults, so it is necessary to avoid exposing children in the lead environment.

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