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Morning cough, phlegm and gas short vigilance, alert bronchitis

Mr. Liu, a reader in Beijing: I am 48 years old. When I was under pressure during the day, I was panicked and my chest tightness. I dreamed at night. When I got up in the morning, I was short, sputum, sometimes yellow, sometimes white sputum, sometimes clear sputum clearing.EssenceWhat is the reason?

Dr. Xiong Xiaomiao, the first affiliated hospital of the PLA General Hospital, replied: There are many reasons for causing cough in the morning. The patient must consider the length of the patient’s cough in the morning, whether to smoke, the history of heart disease, and the history of allergies.Patients with this age smoking should consider chronic bronchitis and emphysema for two years.In addition, environmental pollution and smoking are high -risk factors for chronic bronchitis. Infection of the inflammation of the mucosal mucosa will cause secretions, cause cough and sputum, and long -term repeated inflammation causes airway to reshape short gas.

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Patients are recommended to check lung function, take chest slices, and evaluate the results to determine the medication.You should avoid colds, you must quit smoking.Acute stage treatment is mainly anti -infection, phlegm, and diastolic bronchial.

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