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Most of the cancer is “eaten”?Reminder: These 3 kinds of food, you need to control your mouth if you like it

“Doctor, I just eat takeaway every day. I used to fall asleep in the early morning at night. I’m still so young. Are you sure there is no problem with the inspection?”



Ali (pseudonym) has always had a stomach pain recently, thinking that she watched the ball game every morning, and also had supper with her roommates every day. She thought that she had a bad stomach and didn’t take it to heart.

However, last Saturday, after Ali finished the supper, her stomach was so painful and her face was pale. The roommate also teased her and came to the aunt.As soon as Ali wanted to refute, she was dark in front of her eyes, and fainted directly, scaring the roommate to call 120 emergency.

When I arrived at the hospital, Ali was in a shock state. After a series of examinations, she was not acute gastrointestinal disease, but in the middle and late intestinal cancer, and was also accompanied by severe anemia.After Ali knew that the whole person collapsed, she was crying with her roommate in the bed, and she was only in her early 20s. How could she suffer from bowel cancer?

Seeing this situation, the doctor was also very regrettable and told her that many patients with intestinal cancer have a common point -eating takeaway, eating spicy spicy, barbecue and other foods.People did not pay attention to it. They were dragged and dragged until they had severe pain in the abdomen.

First, China exceeds half of the digestive tract tumors, all of which are “eaten”

According to relevant data, the situation of gastrointestinal cancer in my country is not optimistic, and colorectal cancer ranks second in the world. The incidence of liver cancer, esophageal cancer, and gastric cancer ranks first in the world. , Two -thirds of the world cases.

Is there really a “eating” cancer?

Published on Gastroenterology, a top gastrointestinal journal, You Wu from the School of Public Health, Harvard University in the United States led his team to analyze the incidence and more of gastrointestinal cancer in China based on CHNS and the sixth census of 2010Correction between species lifestyle.

The final result found that: smoking, increased red meat intake, and adverse lifestyle such as obesity are the main factor that leads to an increase in the incidence of gastrointestinal cancer in China.

Researchers have further analyzed that different lifestyles have contributed to different types of gastrointestinal cancer.Taken together, between 1991-2011, 56.5%of colorectal cancer is attributed to bad food lifestyle such as smoking and exceeding the standard.

What is the effect of poor diet on cancer?

① Low activity, low milk products, and low dietary fiber intake are related to colon cancer. High sodium intake is related to the occurrence of gastric cancer;

② Those who like to smoke and drink are mostly related to colorectal cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and other.From the perspective of data, the new case of digestive tract cancer caused by smoking accounts for 13.2%of the total; while drinking is 6.4%;

③ The intake of red meat and processing meat is related to colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, and has no obvious relationship with liver cancer. Among them, excessive consumption of red meat leads to the case of gastrointestinal cancer, accounting for 12%of the total;

④ Low fruit intake is related to esophageal cancer and gastric cancer. Low vegetable intake is related to the occurrence of liver cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, and the intake of fruits and vegetables is not related to 4.5%and 2.9%of new digestive tract cancer.

Researchers predict that if it is not prevented, in 2031, China is estimated to be diagnosed with 2.3 million patients with gastrointestinal cancer.But if everyone maintains a healthy lifestyle, it can effectively prevent 52.1%of digestive tract cancer.

Second, these 3 kinds of food, you must hold your mouth if you like to eat

The gastrointestinal disease is closely related to eating habits. If you want to prevent diseases, you should avoid these foods.

1. Big fish and meat

The diet of big fish and meat can stimulate a large amount of bile secretion, thereby stimulating the intestinal mucosa.Excessive animal protein absorption will also cause increasing carcinogens in the feces, which increases the risk of rectal cancer.

It is recommended that daily daily diet should be mainly based on the proportion of dietary fiber in food, which can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby accelerating the discharge of intestinal content, shortening harmful substances, staying at the intestinal time, and reducing carcinogenic risk.

2. Alcoholic

The liver is our metabolic organs, and drinking wine also needs to rely on liver metabolism.In the process of alcohol metabolism, acetaldehyde that can produce toxic effects on hepatocytes, long -term drinking, a lot of accumulation of acetaldehyde can easily cause alcoholic liver.

It is recommended to control alcohol intake daily. According to the suggestion of dietary guidelines, men’s daily intake of alcohol should not exceed 25 grams, and women do not exceed 15 grams.At the same time, more foods rich in vitamin B are supplemented daily, which has a positive effect on protecting the liver.

3. Pickled and grilled food

Many patients with gastric cancer have the habit of eating pickled and grilled food.After these foods are treated with nitrite treatment, smoke or high -temperature fire, they are prone to carcinogenic benzene and nitrosamine, which is irritating to gastric mucosa, which induce gastric cancer.

It is recommended to eat less barbecue and pickled foods as much as possible. At the same time, pay attention to supplementing vitamin C, which can help block the synthesis of the pathogenic factor in gastric cancer, thereby preventing cancer.

3. How can Chinese people eat healthy?”Oriental Diet Model” is here

At present, the popular diet models in the world are mainly Mediterranean diet, DASH diet, elastic vegetarian diet, etc. What is the diet mode suitable for Chinese people?”Chinese Resident Diet Guide (2022)” for the first time proposed the “Oriental Healthy Diet Model”.

The so -called oriental diet model is a dietary characteristic model that is in line with the Chinese nation. Its characteristics are light and less salt, diverse foods, rich vegetables and bean products, many fish and shrimp products, milk daily, and high level of physical activity.This method of diet can avoid the deficiency and obesity of nutritional elements, and help reduce the probability of the occurrence of chronic diseases. How to eat it?

Affordable and diverse staple food: ingested 200 ~ 300 grams of grains per day, including potato;

Rich fruits and vegetables: ensure 300-500 vegetable intake daily, and 200-350 grams of fruits;

A small amount of meat and rich aquatic products: animal blood foods are controlled at about 120-200 grams per day, and fish and shrimp aquatic products with 300-500 grams per week;

Dairy products and results: eat 300-500 grams of milk every day, and nuts of about 35 grams;

Cooking less oil and less salt: Restricted the amount of salt and salt per day, not higher than 25 grams and 5 grams.

Compared with the “Internet celebrity” Mediterranean model, the oriental model does not require red wine and olive oil. In terms of fish intake, there is no restricted seafish, and it is emphasized that fresh green leafy vegetables are mainly used.bake.

The launch of the Oriental model meets the results of nutritional science research over the past few decades, which can also allow Chinese people to meet the physical nutritional needs, while reducing the risk of chronic diseases and cancer.

Everyone may wish to form a menu from the East mode today, starting from eating, reducing the possibility of disease.

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