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Mump delay therapy can cause adulthood infertility

Soon after the school started, Xiaoqiu, a freshman, hurriedly came to the men’s clinic of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University to “report”: the testicles on one side were swollen and painful. He felt that he was not right. There was no sperm disease when I went to the hospital! The doctor asked the medical history to know that a year ago, Xiaoqiu had been infected with mumps and had symptoms of testicular pain. At that time, the senior high school was busy and didn’t care much. The problem is here. The doctor told Xiaoqiu that his testicular pain and sperm -non -spermatic disease was caused by the epididymitis caused by mump virus did not treat it in time! Xiaoqiu really can’t figure it out. Mumps are obviously onset of ears and cheeks. Why does it affect the genitals? When I was a kid, I had hit a stroke cheese vaccine. Why did I get mumps?

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“For patients with less weakness and sperm-free disease, 10%-30%have a history of mumps.” According to Xuanxu Jun, chief physician of the male department of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, after entering the human body, mump virus can invade various glandular tissue Or the nervous system can cause complications such as meningencer, orchitis, pancreatitis, mastitis, and ovarianitis. In the combination disease, the most common in orchia and epididymia, the incidence accounted for 10%-30%of male adult patients. Generally, the incidence of orchitis in patients after 13 years of age increases significantly. The probability is low.

“Complications often occur unknowingly. Why do some people merge orchitis, and some people do not, depending on the virus’s poisoning force and the function of personal glandular function.” Xuanxu told reporters that popular parotid glands Inflammatory orchitis is common in about a week after the cheek swelling. In addition to blood infection, it is more common that bacteria retrograde through urethra to epididymia and testicles, causing epididymitis, orchitis. Tears, the skin of the scrotum is significantly edema, there is a yellow effusion in the sheath cavity, and a case of 1/3-1/2 will cause testicular atrophy to varying degrees.

“After the tail of the testicular tail occurs, the lump compresses the testicular arteries, causing testicular ischemia, and local necrosis. Therefore, there is swelling and pain during the acute inflammation of the testicular. Disappearing. “Xuanxujun said that testicular lesions are often unilateral. Because mump virus itself will hurt the function of sophisticated cells, coupled with the damage of the testicular caused by inflammation, if it is not treated in time, it may lead to future fertility disorders in the future. Essence

“For the dysfunction caused by gonitis virus, the comprehensive treatment method of” physiotherapy+antiviral drugs+hormone “is generally adopted, but the cure rate is only 5%-10%. Patients also need to use auxiliary reproductive technology to conceive. “In response, the Xuanxu Army particularly emphasized that men who have occurred in mumps should pay attention to the treatment of orchhalinihashi and epididymitis complications while treating mumps. After the inflammation is cured, it should also be detected in a professional urology surgery. If the problem is found, the better the hormone therapy effect is performed in time.

Epidemic glanditis

Popular mumps, commonly known as “gills” and “gills”, are acute respiratory infectious diseases caused by mump virus invading mumps. They are more common among children and adolescents, and adults also develop onset. In winter and spring, it is prone to popularity in places such as schools and other people.

Mumps are mainly manifested in the lower earlobe on one or sides of the sides. The enlarged parotid glands are often hemispherical. The surface is hot and tender. Modenal swelling is the most obvious in 1-3 days of the onset, and gradually fades later, and the swelling is completely depleted for about 2 weeks. 3-5 days in the early stage of the onset, there may be systemic symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and unwillingness to eat.

Early communication paths were mainly viruses that patients were sneezing and coughing, and spread through the respiratory tract. Foods, tableware, and clothing contaminated by virus saliva can also become a source of infection. Generally, 2-3 weeks after contact with patients.


Pediatric vaccine is only guaranteed for 10 years

After 10 years old, the vaccine should be made up

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“Mumps prevention is more important than treatment!” Ye Xiaoguang, director of the infection department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, told the new Express reporter that currently there is no special effects of epidemic mumps. Because the virus has self -limiting, if there are no other bacterial infections merged infected, there are no other bacterial infections. It can heal itself in about seven or eight days. You can apply Qingdai powder (traditional Chinese medicine powder) on the affected area, which has a cool and reducing redness and heat and heat. Or treat the symptoms according to headache, fever and other symptoms.

According to the national plan immunity, children will vaccinate the hemp cheek vaccine in one year and a half, and the effect of preventing infection can reach 97%. After immunity, the theoretical antibodies in the body can be maintained at least about 10 years. If it is naturally infected with mumps, it will basically not be available again. If you have no onset at the age of 10, it is necessary to make another vaccine. “The mumps virus infection is relatively strong, and no antibodies will basically be infected. Parents can bring boys after ten years of age to make another needle.” Ye Xiaoguang suggested.

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