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Must -choose six projects for physical examination of middle -aged and elderly people

With the increase of age, the functions and structures of the system organs of the human body will change, and the harmfulness and mortality of many specific diseases will increase with age. Therefore, some inspection items are necessary for middle -aged and elderly people.

Must -choose project for physical examination for middle -aged and elderly people

First, blood pressure measurement is a item that must be checked. After 40 years of age, measurement of blood pressure once a year, high blood pressure is easily found, which is conducive to early treatment and prevent problems before it occurs.

Second, the purpose of blood lipid detection is to check whether there is hyperlipidemia. Therefore, after entering the elderly, the blood lipid detection once a year should not be ignored.

Third, the older the anti -cancer inspector, the more chances of contacting the cancer, and the greater the possibility of cancer. According to information, the cancer disease of the aged 35 to 50 years has ranked first in the death of various diseases in the age group.

Fourth, the fundus examination can be discovered in a timely manner through the bottom of the eye. If the retinal arteries are sclerotized, it can be seen that the extent of the arteriosclerosis to cerebral arteriosclerosis. Middle -aged people should check their eyes once a year. For those who have blurred vision in the near future and are accompanied by headaches, they need to check the bottom of the eyes.

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V. Terin protein testing and testing the accuracy of nail protein on the diagnosis of early primary liver cancer reaches 80%to 90%. Primary liver cancer is more common in middle -aged people. Essence Those who are currently suffering from hepatitis B or hepatitis B should be tested once in half a year.

6. The prostate examiner arrives in the middle -aged and elderly people. Due to the decline of the prostate and the hyperplasia of connective tissues, different degrees of degeneration will occur, and even malignant lesions will occur. Middle -aged men should pay special attention.

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