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Must -see: These points can help her to climax

There are many people’s body acupoints, and they have a pivotal role in Chinese medicine, but many people may not know that some acupoints also have a great auxiliary effect on sex. Mastering these acupoints and skills will make your sex life more happy.

Horner: Point located in the depression in the inside of the ear


Ears were originally one of the importance of women, and most of them adopted two methods: “lick” and “bite”. Whether it is the inner side of the ear to insert the ear canal with a finger, the effect is quite good.

Zhongfu: Zhongfu’s acupoint is located on the shoulders


Generally speaking, you caress here with your tongue, and you feel like a horse killing chickens when pressed. Extending from the root of the neck to the collarbone online, rub it slowly with your thumb. You can use your tongue to lick from time to time, or bite with your teeth.

Milk root: Breast edge part


When caressing women’s breasts, suppress it from bottom to top, whether it is kneading or pushing from bottom to top, the effect is very good. At the same time with touching the nipples, it can achieve the goal of the foreplay.

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