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N reasons for women who do not wear underwear

This says this in the movie “Peerless BRA”: The best BRA of a woman is a man’s hand. Then since there is no such underwear in the world, it is not worn. If you feel that you must wear it, then it should (Cantonese “thank you”), thank you, thanks, please give me a reason for wearing a bra.

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French women abandon their bras with “milk stickers”

French women who have been advocating for nature are the first to launch the trend of not wearing bras. They think that it is comfortable without wearing. And if the lines of the underwear will affect the outerwear or vaguely visible underwear, the taste will be greatly reduced. If you see the underwear from a transparent clothing, you will be even more indecent.

Therefore, many women in France will abandon underwear at all during dinner and exercise. Their approach is to wear no bras when wearing coats, and put adhesive tapes on the nipple, that is, “milk stickers”. It keeps milk -shaped without losing elegance.

American women’s free chest development

American women have always been known for their trend and openness. They respect the free development of breasts instead of restraining them with bra. Because they think that they blindly pursue the curve and try to raise the chest, the consequences will cause the chest to deform, and may even cause mastitis due to improper usage or uncomfortable with bra. The body and mind are hurt.

E -family girls first, give up bra

Once I thought the underwear was a scenery left by myself and my lover, but the girls of the e -tribe have returned this scenery to nature inadvertently. From time to time, there will be girls who do not wear bras. Young, healthy, natural , Chic, relaxed, sexy, freedom, it is really a kind of unrestrained beauty.

In fact, as a woman who is pursuing fashion, “wearing” and “not wearing” bras are not important. The important thing is to maintain a healthy mentality. It is the most important thing to have a healthy and natural breast. There are many e -girl girls who do not need to conceal, showing a natural landscape of naturally carved, their pace is bold and confident.

Let’s take a look at the re reason to not wear a bra to wear a bra

Reasons 1: The style of the coat is not suitable

At many major ceremonies or various movies and music festivals, actresses and guests attending will choose not to wear bra. There is only one reason, because they chose unsuitable clothes for wearing bras. There are two characteristics of the general dress design. One is light fabrics such as silk and tulle, and the other is low V dew. It is conceivable what it would be like if you choose to wear a bra.

Reason two: dedication

Here are the models (gallery, articles), and models are the carrier of showing designer clothing works. Of course, they must serve the designer to the greatest extent. If you show the designer’s work on the runway, wearing a bra that you can do not only destroy the lines, shapes and other elements of the designer’s works.

Another catwalk every model has to change 3 sets or more clothes, and in the background, there are generally only one or two clothing assistants in the background to help change clothes, and the speed of changing bra and wearing a bra is very slow. Time is basically not allowed. Therefore, as a professional model, it is rarely wearing bras without the designer specifically explained.

Reason 3: For health

Health experts say that if the bras are too small, the heart, lungs, and large blood vessels will be oppressed, which will affect the normal development of the organs of the body, and it will also compress the breasts and cause the blood circulation Causes pain, breast swelling and discomfort, and even causing nipples and dysplasia.

At the same time, the material and texture of the bras that are selected are also very important for women. If the selection of materials is improper, it will cause women to skin allergies and itching. So since it is so difficult to choose, don’t wear it for health.

The Chinese film star Bai Ling is a representative of not wearing a bra, so it is also called “bold” by many media. When asked if you would not wear BRA if you would worry about drooping your breasts. Bai Ling calmly said that he didn’t worry, because he was even more worried about the health problems such as the breast cancer that we might bring.

Reason 4: Do you need a reason? No need

Do you need a reason to love someone? This is a classic line of Zhou Xingchi’s “Journey to the West”. Also, many actresses who do not like bras who do not like bras are always smiling when they face questions “Why don’t I wear bras” and do not. Not only is his chest frank, but also his heart is still frank.

Whether the hot girl Victoria is shooting, advertising, or attending parties, night points, or even shopping, she never wore a bra. It doesn’t seem to be a reason for her not to wear a bra.

The unreasonable bra design causes women to do not like sports?

Scientists have found that the breasts perform three -dimensional exercise when they move, including front and back exercise, but bra can only prevent breast movement. It is estimated that 60%of women will feel breast pain during their sports, and some women are shy about the breasts of the breasts when running.

(Intern editor: He Lili)

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