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Nature Biotechnology: Hypertension delay virus clearance and exacerbated the airway inflammation of COVID-19 patients

Among the hospitalized patients in COVID-19, the risk of critical illness in men and elderly patients. Hypertension is very common among global adults, and has been determined to be the main risk factors of COVID-19 severity. Hypertension patients with COVID-19 are more likely to develop as severe pneumonia or organ damage than patients with no hypertension. In addition, these patients show an aggravated inflammation response, which is higher than the risk of dying to COVID-19 than patients with high blood pressure.

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It is speculated that the anti-hypertension treatment of ACEIS or ARBS may adjust the expression of ACE2, thereby changing the susceptibility of SARS-COV-2 infection. In the classic RAAS pathway, vascular tension II is combined with vascular tension II receptor subtype 1 (AT1R) to promote vascular contraction and inflammatory response. On the other hand, ACE2 lifts vascular tension II into vascular tension 1-7 and vascular tension I to crack into blood vessel tension 1-9. Both have vascular dilation and anti-inflammatory effects.

Animal research data shows that ACEIS and ARB can increase ACE2 expression, which causes a problem: Among patients receiving ACEIS or ARB treatment, the increase in the SARS-COV-2 receptor makes them more vulnerable to virus infection and spread. So far, no evidence from observation research indicates that ACEI or ARB treatments can increase SARS-COV-2 infectivity.

Hypertension is related to the activation of inflammation. A high inflammatory phenotype in the respiratory system is described as enhanced the severity of COVID-19. Recently, a study published on Nature Biotechnology called Hypertension DelayS Viral Cleaarence and Exacerbates Airway Hyperinflammation in Patients with COVID-19 Sexual aggravation.

Dr. SASKIA, the leader of the research team of Irina Lehmann Laboratory, said: “We analyzed 32 COVID-19 patients and 16 nasopharyngeal groups with unprepared control groups. People with vascular problems. The immune cells of patients with cardiovascular diseases show strong pre-excitement even before infecting the new coronary virus. After contacting the virus, these patients are more likely to have an enhanced immune response, which is related to COVID-19’s The progress of severe diseases. However, our research results also show that although not using vascular tension receptor blockers, the use of ACE inhibitors can prevent this enhanced immune response after coronary virus infection. Therefore, ACE inhibitors are therefore It can reduce the risk of serious disease progress in patients with hypertension. “

In addition, scientists have also found that antihypertensive drugs can also affect the rate of lower virus load (that is, virus concentration in the body). “Here, we observed that different forms of hypertension therapy for high blood pressure therapy said. Among patients with different forms of hypertension treatment in different forms of hypertension. Delay, this may also lead to the more serious course of COVID-19. Among patients receiving ACE inhibitors treating hypertension, we have not observed this delay. “

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More than 40 scientists have been conducting this extensive research at a very fast speed. Roland Eils explained: “If you want to quickly provide answers to emergency questions during the period, many individuals with dedication to cross-disciplinary cooperation. Covid-19 is a very complicated disease. We have called from heart disease, we have heart disease, we have called heart disease, and we have summoned heart disease, and we have summoned heart disease, and we have summoned heart disease, and we have summoned cardiology, from heart disease, and we have summoned heart disease. Experts from immunology, virology, lung medicine, intensive care and computer science to conduct this study. Our goal is to treat the ACE inhibitor or vascular tension receptor resistant at the same time as soon as possible. It will produce a scientific and reasonable answer to this question that is beneficial or not conducive to this question. “

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