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Nature Metabolism: Iron Verification is like a mountain!Many British and American top studies have confirmed that hunger is caused by blood glucose

Recently, the research team of King London and ZOE (including Harvard Medical College, Harvard T.H. Chen Gong Public Health College, Massachusetts General Hospital, Nottingham University, Lazda University and Rontel University of Sweden) jointly published ” A study on Nature’s Metabolism shows that a few hours after eating, people who have plummeted blood sugar will eventually have a stronger sense of hunger than others.

The results of the research come from the world’s largest nutrition research plan Predict. The plan pays attention to the response to food in the real living environment. It is difficult to lose weight even in the diet of controlling calories. The importance of metabolism.

The research team collected 1070 people to eat standardized breakfast and freely selected meals within two weeks and the detailed data of other health markers after meals. There were more than 8,000 breakfast and more than 70,000 meals. The standard breakfast is dominated by muffins. Under the premise of controlling the same heat, the components of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber are different.

Participants wear sticker continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM) to measure their blood glucose levels throughout the study, as well as a wearable device to monitor activities and sleep. Record the exact time of hunger by collecting applications. In addition, the participants also conducted an empty blood glucose reaction test (oral glucose tolerance test) to measure their body’s sugar treatment.

After comparing the same test meals, the researchers found that the blood sugar response between participants was very different. In the past, the blood sugar after eating was concentrated in the horizontal lifting method within the first two hours after the meal, the so -called blood glucose peak. However, after analyzing the data, the Predict team noticed that some people experienced a significant “sugar fall” within 2-4 hours after this initial peak value, and their blood glucose levels quickly dropped below the baseline before the recovery.

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Those who have dropped sharply after eating have increased their hunger than others. Within 3-4 hours after breakfast, people who have a sharp decline in blood sugar levels will consume more calories at 75 calories after eating, and within the range, they have more calories in about 312 calories. This behavior mode may lead to an increase of 20 pounds (about 9 kg) of the year.

In fact, people have previously suspected that blood sugar levels play an important role in controlling hunger, but the previous research results were not sure. Now the results of the research clearly show that compared with the peak response of the initial blood sugar after eating, the decline in sugar can predict hunger and then calories. Thinking between relationships.

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