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Nearly 80 % of the aortic clay layers are caused by high blood pressure, alert knife cutting -like chest and back pain

Get hypertension, but not taking medicine for treatment. Beware of heartbroken blood vessels caused fatal aortic mask! Recently, the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as the “Second Medical Medicine”) multi -disciplinary emergency rescue of two patients with aortic selanences and let them be in danger.

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Cardiovascular surgery experts pointed out that the incidence of aortic clay layers is significantly increased than in the past. It is more common in 40-50 years old. Nearly 80%of the aortic mezzanine is caused by hypertension. The risk of onset is higher. The aortic clay layer is very dangerous and the mortality rate is very high. The mortality rate can be as high as 25%within 24 hours of the disease. Basically, every 1 hour, the mortality rate will increase by 1%. Therefore, once the aorta clay is found, the treatment should be treated in time. The sooner the better, the better.

The exterior “explosion” causes major bleeding, and the mortality rate is almost 100%

The aorta is the largest blood vessels in the human body, and the blood is transported to the whole body of the human body through the aorta. The aortic wall is composed of a three -layer tissue that is closely attached, and is called the endometrium, middle and outer membrane, respectively.

Zhong Zhimin, director and chief physician of the Second Medicine Cardiovascular Surgery and Chief Physician, introduced that the endometrial tear of the arterial wall due to various pathological factors and the aorta clay. After the aortic sectariasis occurs, the arterial wall itself will become thinner and brittle, and the periphery of the blood is only a thin layer of external membrane wrap, like a “bomb” buried in the blood vessels. If the outer membrane cannot bear the blood pressure in the body, the outer membrane will “explode”, causing major bleeding, and the mortality rate is almost 100%.

During the Spring Festival, Ms. Liu (pseudonym), 34 years old, who came to Guangdong, had a severe chest pain. In the early morning, she was transferred to the Second Medicine of the Provincial Medicine. CTA, cardiac ultrasound and other inspections, the diagnosis of Ms. Liu was finally diagnosed as “acute Aortine -type aortic lowering layer”. The mezzanine accumulated the whole process of coronary sinus, dry head and arm, and aortic artery. The condition was very dangerous and needed emergency surgery. With the assistance of various departments, Director Zhong Zhimin led the team on the first day of the New Year to perform the aortic sinus part of Ms. Liu’s emergency department for molding and the general aortic arched artificial blood vessel replacement surgery, which successfully rescued her from the edge of death.

Multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment force “disassemble”

On February 18, the second doctor of the province treated another patient with aortic sectarians. The 52 -year -old Mr. Wang (pseudonym), tearing and pain on the chest and back of the chest, 4 hours later, went to the provincial second medical emergency department for medical treatment. The emergency department improved Mr. Wang’s chest and abdomen CTA examination. Near the coronary arterial opening, “blood explosion” at any time, the provincial second medicine quickly launched multidisciplinary assistance for treatment.

After Mr. Wang moved into the provincial cardiac -seeking cardiovascular surgery, the image department, the inspection and medical department, the ultrasonic department, and the blood transfusion department were prepared in an orderly manner. It took only 3 hours from admission to entering the operating room. Subsequently, the team of Chief Physicians of Zhong Zhimin completed the aortic sinus formation+ascetic arteries, and the hypertensive vascular replacement of the aortic arches+the implantation of the aortic arch.

Aortic Bow Artificial Vascular Replacement

After surgery, Mr. Wang conducted follow -up rehabilitation treatment under the guidance of cardiovascular surgery, respiratory department, and rehabilitation medical department. At present, Mr. Wang has basically recovered and transferred to the general ward to continue treatment.

Be wary of pain -like pain, regular physical examination is the key

When Ms. Liu and Mr. Wang had aortic clay layer, severe chest pain appeared. Director Zhong Zhimin introduced that one of the most important manifestations of the aortic lower layers is knife -cutting tear chest pain and back pain, and even abdominal pain. It often occurs when lifting heavy objects, exercise, or stretching. peak.

If the aortic clay layer is accumulated, the aortic valve structure can be accumulated, causing insufficiency of the aortic valve, and a large number of aortic valve reflux can cause acute left heart failure. “When acute heart failure occurs, the capacity load of the left ventricle suddenly increases, and the heart cannot adapt immediately. For example, a donkey could only pull 100 pounds of goods, and suddenly let it pull it 200 pounds. Strikes’. When acute left heart failure occurs, patients will have palpitations and shortness of breath. In severe cases, pink foam sputum will also appear. “Director Zhong Zhimin added.

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Director Zhong Zhimin reminded that nearly 80%of the aortic clay layers are caused by hypertension. People who have no regular medication to control blood pressure. The risk of onset of aortic fixture is higher. Long -term bad eating habits, smoking, and alcoholism will also cause atherosclerotic sclerosis It can also further induce the occurrence of hypertension, and the large proportion of patients with aortic lowering is obese patients. In addition, Ma Fan syndrome patients with congenital aortic wall in the middle layer of elastic fibers in the middle layer of the aortal wall, the vascular quality is worse than that of normal people, increasing the risk of the aorta mezzanine.

How to prevent the occurrence of aortic clams?Director Zhong Zhimin emphasized that conditioning lifestyle, controlling risk factors, and regular physical examination review are the main preventive means.Occurred. “(Correspondent: Wang Shu Huitu: Provided by the hospital)

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