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Nejm: Inhale in need of Buddine Fumatro to treat mild asthma

For patients with mild asthma, the use of inhalation glucocorticoids and rapid effect β2 agonists as needed are potential alternative methods for traditional therapeutic strategies.

Recently, researchers conducted a 52 -week double -blind control study and recruited mild asthma patients over 12 years of age. The patients were randomly divided into 3 groups and accepted the placebo twice a day+specialbulin (0.5mg on demand for administration. , Tabcin Group), twice a day placement+Budiid-Fumatro (200 μg/6 μg, dosage on demand, Bu Di Neid-Fumatlo group) Dev (200 μg)+Tabetlin (Buddinede maintained treatment group). The main ending is asthma control.

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3836 people participated and completed the study. Among them, there were 1277 Tiblin groups, 1277 in the joint treatment group of Buddine-Fumatlo, and a total of 1282 treatment groups. Patients with asthma control percentage, the Buddine-Fumatlo group was better than the Tiblin group (34.4% vs 31.1%), but it was inferior to maintaining the treatment group (34.4% vs 44.4%). The severe deterioration rate of patients in the Tablin group was 0.20, the combined treatment group was 0.07, and the maintained treatment group was 0.09. The compliance of patients in the maintenance group was 78.9%, but the average daily hormone inhalation of the combined treatment group was 57 μg, only 17%of the inhalation dose of the therapeutic group.

Studies believe that for mild asthma people, the effect of inhalation of Buddine-Fumatlo on demand for asthma is better than Tablin, but it is inferior to Buddinede to maintain treatment. The annual deterioration rate of asthma in patients with Naedonaid treatment plan is similar to Tablin. The hormone intake of the Buditanid-Fumatlo scheme is lower than that of Buditine.

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