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New crown virus may cause male infertility, and male friends who are preparing for pregnancy are noticed!

The new crown virus has raged around the world, and the number of patients has exceeded 10 million. The new crown virus has taken away many valuable lives and brings disasters to countless families. Some patients recover their lives in time, leaving various sequelae, infertility, maybe one of them!

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The Russian Ministry of Health warns the new crown or cause male infertility

According to Russia reported on June 30 today, the Russian Ministry of Health warned the new crown may cause male infertility. The Russian Ministry of Health claimed that data collected and analyzed through medical staff showed that sperm quality in male patients with new crowns decreased by 38%.

In fact, as early as April this year, clinical studies have found that the new coronal virus has adverse effects on men’s sexual function. Zhang Ming and others, an associate professor at the Reproductive Medicine Center of Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital, published a single center in the pre -printed website MEDRXIV entitled “Single Center of the New Crown Infection on Male Gonades’ Function”. And 100 healthy men in the same age, serum promoting luteal germine and prolactin in the new crown male patients have been significantly improved, and testosterone and motionon stimulus are significantly reduced compared to serum luteal formation. Researchers in this study have reminded that they should pay attention to the reproductive function of the new crown patients with childbearing age!

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Men after the recovery of the new crown pneumonia should check the fertility power

We all know that the new crown virus will invade the human lungs to induce pneumonia and damage the human immune system, but in fact, the destructive power of the virus is not only there. body organs. Men’s testicles are a place for manufacturing sperm and synthetic hormones. Once the testicles are damaged, they will cause sperm production to be blocked or affect men’s sexual function, thereby reducing men’s breeding ability, and even severely leads to male infertility!

As a result, many experts appealed that men who infected with new crown pneumonia, especially men who were breeded, should be checked after rehabilitation to discover the problems in time to deal with it as soon as possible.

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