New method of wet loss of stars Dai Mengmeng

From the beginning of the new year, Dai Mengmeng can be described as a song, shadow, and a busy view. In addition to the new records that are about to complete, there are also a new film “Concubine Laugh” and the wireless drama “Fantasy Tide”. The more you work, the more you need to show people, but the extremely humid spring in Hong Kong makes the human body easily accumulate and worsen the phenomenon of edema. In the past, every spring, the dreamer of the body and the pointed chin will consciously swelling the body, and even the sexy vest dare not wear it!

1. Drink edema juice every day

With many years of experience in fighting edema, Mengmeng also has a set of methods. “It is said that drinking fasting can be edema, but I think it is too bitter and difficult to swallow. Therefore, I still choose delicious orange juice and strange juice. Drink a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice or strange juice every dynasty, which has a good edema effect. “In addition to drinking juice, Mengmeng has other magic weapons. “Usually try to eat too little food as possible to reduce the chance of water accumulation; drink as little water as possible before going to bed, and avoid swollen eyes when I get up in the morning.” The makeup artist who is familiar with Mengmeng teaches her a acupoint massage The swelling method only needs to gently massage the face from the lower part of the eyes, which helps to reduce the phenomenon of facial edema.

Second, love beautiful soup moisturizing the lungs and nourishing the face

The behind -the -scenes hero of the dream of dreams, as well as the mother Dai, who hurt her most. Dai’s mother -in -law was originally in Shanghai. She was the most good -fashioned Shanghai -style soup. However, when she saw her daughter troubled by edema, she decided to change the pot to remove the wet and swelling effect. “Mom chose a large pile of ingredients to cook soup, including raw cooked rice, jade bamboo, lilies, dates, figs, bergamot, lean meat, etc. She said that this soup has both the effect of wetness and swelling, and it can moisturize the lungs. Beauty, help me singing, acting, and help. “Seeing Mengmeng’s body shape is now FIT, and she knows that her mother’s wet soup really works.

Third, the use of dehumidifying Chinese medicine is appropriate

For Dai’s love to remove wet soup, there is a good evaluation of the registered Chinese medicine medicine Yu Lixing. “Dai Mom’s soup water selection materials are just right. Raw cooked rice is not cold or hot, which can be wet and favorable for drainage. Symptoms; sweet and delicious dates can moisturize the lungs; flowers can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, appetizing and strengthening the spleen; bergamot melon is a nutritious low -calorie organic food, plus sweet lean meat and the same pot, which can be delicious. ” At the same time, the doctors recommend four kinds of medicinal materials with strong wet and wet effects for the wet heart, namely Zi Xie, Poria, Atractylodes and lentils, and provide several wet soup prescriptions.

Fourth, conditioning the body is perseverance

There are differences in the water removal effect of single -flavored Chinese medicinal materials. However, after synthesis, the effectiveness will double. Therefore, the promotion of the medicinal materials mentioned above has a blind or wet water medicinal material to strengthen the water efficiency.

Coupled with the most preferred “overall concept” of Chinese medicine, while removing the water, we must also take care of the health of various organs in order to adjust the physical function, but the water does not hurt the body, so add the dinocrons, Beiqi and other solids. Spleen drugs can neutralize medicinal effects. And drinking soup must be persistent, and it must be drunk for half a month to a month in order to achieve significant effects.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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