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“New pension” is here: neither go to the nursing home nor dragging the children, will you choose?

An old man died in a nursing home, and when he died, he did not break away from the “restraint band” made by the armpit.

01. They called and said that the old man died

In 2017, in order to allow Gao Zai to live in his old age, and her children were older, and it was difficult to take care of Gao Zi, so the children sent the elderly to a star -level elderly care institution.

In 2019, Gao Zai’s daughter suddenly received a call from the pension agency, saying that her mother died. Born in 1918, Gao Zai was 102 years old.

After the family buried her mother, she proposed to see the state of the old man before the death of the nursing home, so he asked to check the monitoring. From this perspective, the family members felt that the elderly might die normally, and felt distressed and angry.


02. Monitor found that the elderly were tied up for 7 days

Her daughter was the only relative that Gao Zai saw before her birth. She said that her mother could have lunch that day, and her appetite was very good. She did not need to feed her to drink porridge.

From the surveillance video, it can be seen that Gao Tsai was lying on the bedside. Two caregivers tied the elderly and bed with a constraint band. The old man expressed his unwillingness, but the caregiver did not stop.

After the caregiver left, Gao Zai worked hard to unbutton the band, but after being found by the caregiver, he was tied for the second time. Gao Zai still did not give up. He did not expect that he was tied tightly for the third time.

After the alarm, the police retracted the surveillance from April 1st to April 7th. It was found that Gao Tsai was tied up by the caregiver for 7 consecutive days.

The hospital pointed out that because Gao Tsai had fallen off the bed before, he used the constraint band. However, in the “Pension Service Contracts” signed by Gao Tsai and the hospital, they did not agree to use the restraint band to the elderly.

03. “The elderly in their 100s are normal, how can a rope be tied to someone?”

Gao Tsai’s family filed an application for filing a case to the Public Security Bureau, but received a notice from the case because there was no criminal fact in the case.

Gao Zai’s granddaughter said that her grandmother once said to her “I didn’t steal things, why tied my hands and feet”, saying that she didn’t understand the behavior of the nursing home. When the hostage asked about the situation of the nursing home, the nursing home first said that the elderly were like children, and they couldn’t believe it.

For the death of Gao Tsai, the elderly believed that the elderly were more than a hundred years old, and the death was normal. A rope would not tie people.

In the end, the relevant agencies stated that the nursing home did have more serious management problems, ordered the suspension of business to rectify and properly resettleed the elderly who had already stayed.

The speed of aging in my country is accelerating. By the end of 2021, the elderly over 65 years old in my country have exceeded 200 million, accounting for 14.2%of the total population, which is already the standard for moderate aging society. It is estimated that by 2050, the elderly who are 65 and over in my country will reach 380 million.

Therefore, how to pension has become a realistic issue that is urgently needed.

04. Three modes of pension, which one do you choose?

At present, there are three main types of pension forms. First of all, they are home -care. Most elderly people are willing to choose this pension model; secondly, for community pensions, the elderly can get necessary services in the community or nearby; finally The main service target is the elderly who disabled and dementia.

In these three types of models, the most important choice for the elderly in our country is home pensions. Most elderly people are unwilling to go to the elderly care institutions. Why is this so? The reason may be related to the price and services of the pension institution.

On the one hand, although the price of low -end private nursing homes is relatively low, the level of nursing level is low, the living conditions are poor, and the lack of medical conditions is difficult to become the priority choice for the elderly. The price of high -end nursing homes is difficult to afford.

On the other hand, there are many negative news from the nursing home, and the situation of the elderly is also worrying. More importantly, the elderly are often difficult to give up their family relationships. Living in the elderly institution often means losing familiar loved ones and friends.

Although some elderly people are expected to raise children to prevent elderly, they always feel that “children also have a family”, “do not want to find trouble for children”, and some elderly people are unwilling to live with their children.

05. What should I do if I don’t want to go to the nursing home and don’t want to drag my children?

What are the better choices for the elderly who do not want to live with their children and do not want to go to the nursing home?

1. “Home bed” service

This kind of pension method is to extend professional care and care services to the elderly’s house by relying on qualified pension service agencies, so that the elderly can also enjoy the same care as living with nursing homes without leaving home.

Nursing staff can provide food delivery, bathing, helping, rehabilitation training, agencies, psychological counseling, and psychological counseling, and the cost is not high every day. This model is also easier to accept this model.

2. Hotel care

This is a new type of pension. It has a lot of benefits to rent in the hotel for a long time. The hotel’s environment is comfortable, the supporting facilities are complete, and the staff are more concerned about customers. They are both polite and disturbed. space.

However, the hotel’s pension model also has some shortcomings, such as the cost -effectiveness, not to eat takeaway by themselves, the storage space is small, the ventilation conditions are not good, and the pets cannot be kept.

3. Property+pension

Property staff usually serves the owner, and has more frequent contact with the elderly. It can better grasp the needs of the elderly in each household, and the property is rooted in the community for 24 hours, which can solve the emergency help of the elderly in a short time. By installing elevators, security handrails, emergency calls and other equipment to the elderly people in need, the property allows the elderly to contact their own property contacts at any time, so that they can be responsible for connecting with third -party institutions. Get the nearest service response.

The model of property+pension solves many pension problems, and this pension model is not only easy to be accepted by the elderly, but also without leaving their home, which can greatly reduce their children’s worries.

Pension is a difficult problem that aging society needs to face. The emergence of various pension models provides more choices for the pension problem. The elderly can choose the appropriate pension mode according to their own situation.

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