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New type of small appliances may hurt the elderly

1. Massage chair and electric massage device are easy to hurt bones

Different from artificial massage, although there are several contacts in the massage chair, they cannot choose acupoints and perform actions similar to artificial massage. They just imitate the action of rubbing and pinching, and the strength is not as accurate as manual massage. The old man is crispy and massage, which is particularly easy to cause fractures. In addition, in the massage time, the elderly should use strictly in accordance with the instrument manual. It should not be too long, usually not more than half an hour.

In fact, electrical appliances that achieve the effect of massage or weight loss in the way of vibration and jitter are not suitable for the elderly. By vibrating and jitter, short -term use can achieve the purpose of relieving muscle soreness and promoting blood circulation, but it takes a long time, and the health of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and internal organs is greater than profit.

Second, MP3, you can easily hurt your ears by listening to you

Now the audiovisual equipment is becoming advanced. Many portables, mobile phones, and MP3s can not only play music, but also listen to frequency adjustment broadcasts. No matter what device you are preparing, it is best to use the earphones. The earphones are sticking to the ear canal, not only for the elderly, but also to the hearing of young people. Most of the morning exercises, vegetables, and bending are mostly during the peak period of Beijing. If there are headphones in their ears, once there is any situation on the road, the elderly can easily react in a short time.

Third, Yuba, 3D TV carefully hurt your eyes

Anyone who used Yuba knew that when he opened the bath, the room was like a light bulb of two or three hundred watts. The old man has a long time under this strong light and has a great impact on vision. It is recommended to install a warm fan, and then buy a shower curtain to separate the bath from the warm air to achieve the effect of insulation.

In addition to Yuba, 3D TVs are not suitable for the elderly to watch. Some elderly people with glaucoma and irisitis themselves must be cautious.

(Editor in charge: Teng Xiaolan)

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