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New Year’s special reminder: Don’t give your children a tablet for children

Today is the first day of the New Year. Because there are many snacks in the family, and three meals a day, big fish and big meat, I believe that children in many families will have indigestion and have no appetite to eat. In the face of this situation, many parents usually use the “killer”: feed the children to eat the tablets. In fact, if the child is stagnant and causes indigestion, it is recommended that parents not to listen to the publicity of TV advertising, and give their children to eat sheets. For specific reasons, please continue to watch.

The taste of healthy stomach and digestion is sweet and sour. Children like to eat, and because they are made from a variety of Chinese medicinal materials, many parents will enter a misunderstanding: think that Chinese medicine has no side effects, children can eat with confidence, even You can usually take it as snacks to prevent indigestion. In fact, this view is wrong. Because the child’s digestive system is not as good as adults, it is easy to have indigestion. Occasionally eating digestion sashimi will help improve the child’s appetite, but if you eat frequently, if you eat frequently, you can eat frequently. It is easy to cause the child’s gastrointestinal digestive function to weaken. For a long time, the child’s nutritional absorption ability will decline, which is not very good for their growth and development.

In addition, consumption tablets can easily reduce children’s resistance. This is mainly because the hawthorn and yam ingredients in the dietary tablets are thermal medicinal materials. Eating more can make the body cause internal fire, internal heat, and reduce the child’s disease resistance. Once the child’s resistance is reduced, it is easy to suffer from cold and poisonous violations, and induce various diseases.

Therefore, if you find that children eat too much and indigestion in the New Year, it is recommended that parents not feed their children to eat sheets frequently. Instead, they should pay attention to the children’s diet balance. By adjusting their diet habits reasonably, they will gradually “defeat” children’s digestion. Especially during the New Year, because they are rich in food, they must pay special attention to parents of children to actively prevent indigestion. To prevent indigestion, it is recommended to achieve the following points.

1. Establish a child’s correct eating concept

Establish a correct concept of eating for children is the first step to prevent children from digestion. In this regard, parents should actively cultivate their children, give their children the correct guidance and demonstration while eating, and educate them to eat regularly, and do not eat too much greasy food. In addition, parents cannot add meals to their children because of the Chinese New Year. The food should be in line with the child’s physical condition and strive to stay away from indigestion.

2. Children should chew slowly and swallowing slowly

Because the child’s digestive system is not yet mature and the digestive function is weak, you need to pay special attention to chewing slowly when eating, and not to eat too fast to help the stomach digestion. In addition, parents are advised not to eat difficult foods such as too hard, tough or fried.

3. Develop good bowel habits

If the bowel habits are normal, you can keep the digestive tract unbound and stay away from indigestion. Therefore, parents should usually eat more foods that are easy to digest, such as pasta, milk, bananas, green vegetables, etc. In addition, because children are long, parents also need to supplement their children to supplement various nutrients, such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, cellulose and other nutrients.

All in all, in the New Year, if you find that children have indigestion, parents should not rely on drugs and feed their children to feed their food tablets. Instead, they should take out the causes of children’s indigestion. Rest, and then “right medicine” and gradually improve. Of course, it is also a major “recipe” to prevent children’s dietary habits reasonably reasonably.

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