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Newborn jaundice is more, what are the ways to remove jaundice?

Jaundice, a disease that is mostly occurred in newborns. Because some organs are not developed, some of them will have jaundice problems. Jaundice appears, and the maintenance of the day after tomorrow can make the baby grow up healthy. What are the ways to remove jaundice? How to remove jaundice? The explanation below.

What are the ways to remove jaundice?

(1) Light treatment

When it comes to jaundice methods, what are the problems of jaundice? Generally speaking, if the baby is only a slight jaundice problem, then there is no need for special treatment. On the contrary, the doctor may recommend light treatment for more serious jaundice problems.

What is the effect of light treatment? Light therapy can effectively alleviate the symptoms of jaundice. It can not only reduce bilirubin, but also alleviate the discomfort caused by jaundice. Pediatric jaundice is divided into two types: pathology and physiological, which can be relieved by appropriate methods.

(2) Take the baby properly to the sun

What are the ways to remove jaundice? Parents can take the baby properly to expose the sun to promote the transformation of trace elements in the solar energy, and can improve the skin resistance of the skin, which can play a role in refuating jaundice. Lelly skin.

(3) Drug treatment

Because the newborn is young, it is not suitable for drug treatment. If drug treatment can achieve good curative effect, according to the actual situation of the child, drug treatment can effectively improve metabolic acid poisoning. However, the treatment of jaundice should not be carried out at will, and the guidance of doctors is necessary.

The above is the relevant content of the method of removing jaundice. Obviously there are many ways to remove jaundice. Novice parents should follow the doctor’s instructions for reasonable treatment. Cause risk damage. All in all, the occurrence of the disease should be treated, and the baby’s health is the premise to ensure that the treatment method is carried out on the premise of reasonable treatment.


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