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Newborns should not use herbs to remove fetal poison

In some areas of the motherland, especially the Jiangnan area, such a custom habit is popular, that is, they like to take herbal medicines such as Coptis chinensis and hook vine tea for newborn newborn.

It is said that this can solve the “fetal poison” brought by the mother’s body, and ensure that the summer will not be born in the future.In fact, this is unscientific and affects the health of newborns.

According to pediatric experts, after the newborn takes herbs, it will affect the metabolism of bilirubin, acute hemolytic jaundice, and skin, eyeballs, and yellow urine.This type of jaundice has occurred in about 5%of baby boys in the south.

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As we all know, babies are dark brown during their birth. This is a normal physiological phenomenon that can be eliminated after a few days. There is no need to use Huanglian and other medicines to remove fetal poison.Because the so -called “fetal poison” will be excreted in the body during metabolism and will not be left in the body.Therefore, there is no need to use herbs to remove “fetal poison” for newborns.

(Editor in charge: Deng Qi)

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