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Nine “improper” fed by newborns

Novice mother, do you know about feeding your baby? Maybe you will commit some mistakes!

1. My milk hasn’t come down, let the baby eat milk powder first!

Babies can be breastfeeding half an hour, and each time it can last for half an hour, even if there is no milk, it should be breastfeeding. Postpartum mothers and infants should be used in the same room to allow babies to suck the nipples. This can not only enhance feelings, but also promote milk secretion due to the baby’s sucking.

The secretion of milk is affected by various factors. Eat more rare juice, such as chicken soup, fish soup, pork rib soup, etc., which has a certain effect of breastfeeding. At the same time, the mother should maintain a good mental state, emotional stability, happy spirit, avoid worry and anger, but also have the confidence and enthusiasm of lactating babies. Due to poor emotional mood, lactation can be reduced, and even milk is not lower, which brings more troublesome troubles. Essence

2. The newly secreted milk looks so dirty, let’s squeeze it out!

Chumen milk is an endocrine milk of the maternal milk one week after childbirth. The color is yellow and sticky (actually not dirty). The amount is very small and very precious. Poor milk is rich in nutrition, which can increase the baby’s disease resistance and protect the healthy growth of infants. Chumen milk can also help the baby excrete the fetal dung and clean the intestines. Therefore, even if the breast milk is less or prepares not to breastfeed, the mother must feed the first milk to the baby.

3. It’s so sleepy at night, it’s comfortable to lie down and feed!

After giving birth to fatigue, and continuously feeding the baby and changing diapers during the day, the mother was very sleepy at night. When I encountered a baby crying at night, the mother would feel very annoying. Sometimes, when the nipples were given to the baby’s mouth, the baby would not cry when he was milk. The mother might fall asleep again. This is very dangerous. Because the baby is very close to the mother when eating milk, the sleeping mother can easily press the baby’s nostrils. In this way, the tragedy may happen. In order to avoid this kind of thing, it is best to sit up when the mother feeds at night.

4. My baby feeds milk powder. For the baby, I have a thicker milk powder.

Food is absorbed in the intestine. If the permeability of the food is too high (strong of milk), it will cause vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, dehydration and other manifestations. At the same time, most of the metabolic waste must be excreted from the kidneys, and the development and function of kidney in infants and young children are not yet mature, and the ability to regulate nutrients is limited. The milk rush is too thick, which will increase the burden on the kidneys.

5. After I feed the milk, put my baby on the bed immediately, holding it too tired.

Do not put it on the bed immediately after feeding your baby, but hold the baby’s head vertically on the mother’s shoulder. You can also let the baby sit on the mother’s leg and hold one hand to hold the baby’s pillow and On the back of the neck, the other hand is bent, and the other hand is patted on the back of the baby to spit out the air swallowed into the stomach and prevent milk.

After breastfeeding, Dad can also pick up the baby to slap the baby.

6. After eating a breast, the baby is full.

When feeding, let the baby eat one side of the breast and eat the other side. If you eat only one side of the milk, you should squeeze out the milk on the other side. The purpose of this is to prevent swelling milk. Deflation not only makes the mother feel pain and discomfort, but also may cause mastitis, but also causes reduced lactation.

You can use the breast pump to suck the milk and empty the breast.

7. My career is a model. After feeding the baby, the breast will sag, so I decided not to use breastfeeding.

Women still continue to develop during pregnancy, and if the breast swelling is not good, it is easy to relax if the care is not good. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to breast care after pregnancy, and use broadband bra to support the breast. At the same time, pay attention to massage or use special oils to increase the elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which will reduce the possibility of breast sagging. It is related to the breast condition before breastfeeding. As long as you strengthen breast care after giving birth, breastfeeding will not affect your career.

8. After feeding my baby, I like to clean the breasts and the surrounding skin with soap, so as to keep the breast clean.

Mother -in -lactating mothers often use soap to wash their breasts, which is not only useless to breast care, but will cause bacterial infections due to the decline in local defense capacity of the breast, and the nipples are prone to cracking. Therefore, if you want to fully maintain the local hygiene of breastfeeding, so that your baby has enough breast milk, it is best to wash it with warm water, try not to use soap, let alone chemical stimulating substances such as alcohol.

9. The baby is pure breastfeeding, and you can’t give your baby water at all.

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Although some views believe that babies within 4-6 months only need breast milk and do not have to add water, but depending on the situation. The winter in the north is dry. If the indoor temperature is too high, the newborn is prone to water. Furthermore, the baby will be short of water when the weather is too hot or diarrhea. The baby’s lips look dry when water lacking, emotional, and crying.

It is recommended to control the indoor temperature between 20-25 ° C. The humidifier should be used in the northern winter room to keep the air moist. Seeing a dry lips, you can feed your baby a few mouthful of boiled water with a small spoon.

Text/Lily guidance expert/Hong Kong International Medical Clinic Mother Section

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