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Nine kinds of fruits men’s private health guards

When it comes to fruits, our general understanding is its effect of weight loss and beauty. In fact, fruits can also treat male sexual dysfunction and urinary tract infection.

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Litchi: 15 to 20 pieces of lychee cores, add water and decoction after crushing, which can cure testicular swelling and pain.

Lotus seeds: 15 grams of fresh lotus seeds (do not peel off the green small buds in the center of the lotus seeds), decoction, take the lotus seeds together, cure too much dream, you can also take 10 grams of fresh lotus seeds (with lotus heart), put it on the meal surface After steaming, chew, twice a day for two days.

Grape: Take 250 grams of fresh grapes. After peeling and smashing, add an appropriate amount of warm water to drink, once or twice a day, and take two weeks to cure prostatitis and shortness of urine.

Kiwi: Fresh kiwi 50 grams, smashed 250 ml of boiling water (about 1 tea cup), and drink after mixing it.

Mango: Take 10 grams of mango cores, decoction after smashing, twice a day, and take two weeks in a row to cure orchitis and testicular swelling and pain.

White fruits: Take 10 ginkgo fruit, stir -fry the shell, take the kernels to eat, twice a day, and the fertilizer for two weeks can cure too much nocturnal emission.

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Papaya: 250 grams of papaya, put it in 1,000 grams of rice or low -degree liquor after slicing, open it for two weeks, drink 15 ml each time, twice a day, and take two weeks in a row. Premature ejaculation.

Red dates: red dates are the function of blood and vigor. Red food can play a role in nourishing blood, and has a good effect on patients with premature ejaculation and impotence.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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