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No need to “talk about fruit color change”!Patients with diabetes eat fruits and pay attention to four principles

As we all know, the daily diet of diabetes should be taboo for high sugar foods, so many diabetic patients began to exclude fruits outside the recipe, and even “talk about fruit color changes”.

In fact, this approach is incorrect. Although the fruit contains sugar, it also contains rich vitamins and dietary fiber. When eating fruits, patients with diabetes pay attention to the following principles, and they can also enjoy the benefits and fun of eating fruits.

1. Choose the right time

Want to eat fruits, provided that blood sugar has been better controlled.

Generally, the empty blood glucose is below 7.8 mmol/L. The blood glucose is below 10 mmol/L after a meal, and the blood glucose is relatively stable. If there is no high blood sugar, hypoglycemia, etc., you can eat fruits appropriately.

If the blood sugar is not controlled, you can use vegetables such as cucumber and tomatoes instead of fruits.

Second, choose the right time period

Fruit sugar is high. Generally, it is not recommended to eat before and after dinner. It can be used as a meal.

For example, you can choose to eat in the middle of two meals or one hour before bedtime, which can not only enjoy the benefits of eating fruits, but also avoid burden on the pancreas.

Third, pay attention to the amount of fruit

Although diabetic patients can eat fruits, they must control the amount. It is best not to exceed 200 grams of fruits every day. If there are fruits that day, you should reduce the intake of staple foods accordingly, so that you can control the total daily intake. Calories.

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Fourth, choose fruits with lower sugar lift indexes

Different fruits have different sugar content, and the sugar lift index is different.

Fruits with low sugar lift index include cherry, grapefruit, strawberries, apples, oranges, etc. Such fruits can be eaten in moderation, and for fruit with high sugar lift index, such as longan, lychee, banana, persimmon, etc. It’s right.

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